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Home Security Company Says No One Linking To Its Website Is Allowed To Disparage It by Tim Cushing 12-04-2017 12:02 PM (40 comments)
Law Passed To Protect Customers From Non-Disparagement Clauses And Other Ridiculous Restrictions by Tim Cushing 12-07-2016 1:03 PM (16 comments)
Court Tosses Prestigious Pets' $1 Million Defamation Suit Against Unhappy Customers by Tim Cushing 9-02-2016 12:56 PM (8 comments)
Company Sues Customer For $1 Million, Claiming Yelp Review Was 'Defamatory,' Violated Non-Disparagement Clause by Tim Cushing 6-03-2016 11:43 AM (22 comments)
Federal Judge Says Internet Archive's Wayback Machine A Perfectly Legitimate Source Of Evidence by Tim Cushing 5-18-2016 2:09 PM (19 comments)
Senate Passes Bill Banning Non-Disparagement Clauses by Tim Cushing 12-15-2015 2:04 PM (11 comments)
FTC: 'Roca Labs Has An Adversarial Relationship With The Truth'; Suggests Plans To Crack Down On More Gag Clauses by Mike Masnick 9-29-2015 1:27 PM (11 comments)
Legislators Introduce Bill Calling For Nationwide Ban On Non-Disparagement Clauses by Tim Cushing 5-08-2015 7:39 PM (23 comments)
Apartment Complex Claims Copyright Of Tenants' Reviews And Photos, Charges $10k Fee For Criticism by Tim Cushing 3-11-2015 11:33 AM (25 comments)
Here Are The Companies That Want To Charge You $2,500-$100,000 For Negative Reviews by Tim Cushing 12-17-2014 8:27 AM (50 comments)
Domain Name Registration Triggers C&D From Instagram... Which Triggers A Weirdly Wonderful Backlash Filled With Duck Drawings` by Tim Cushing 9-30-2014 5:10 AM (30 comments)
Federal Legislation Introduced To Strengthen Consumer Free Speech Rights Online by Evan Mascagni 9-18-2014 3:46 AM (12 comments)
California Outlaws Consumer-Silencing Non-Disparagement Clauses by Tim Cushing 9-11-2014 3:41 AM (21 comments)
'Dietary Supplement' Company Tries Suing PissedConsumer, Citing Buyer's Agreement To Never Say Anything Negative by Mike Masnick 9-08-2014 1:32 PM (31 comments)
KlearGear Apparently Healthier Than Ever, Announces Plans To Start F**cking Customers Through Amazon Fulfillment by Tim Cushing 9-02-2014 9:13 PM (29 comments)
Another Online Retailer Thinks It Can Charge Customers For Complaining; Now Facing Lawsuit In New York by Tim Cushing 8-28-2014 1:38 PM (23 comments)
KlearGear Revamps Website; New Address Traces Back To Scammy Penny Auction Site by Tim Cushing 8-25-2014 8:38 PM (14 comments)
New York Guest House Burns Own Reputation To The Ground By Trying To Charge Customers $500 For Bad Reviews by Tim Cushing 8-04-2014 2:58 PM (54 comments)
Court Fines French Blogger $3,400 For Her Negative Review Of Local Italian Restaurant, Il Giardino by Tim Cushing 7-15-2014 6:32 AM (55 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 6-29-2014 12:00 PM (38 comments)
KlearGear Told To Pay $306,750 For Bogus Attempt To Shakedown Customer For Bad Review by Mike Masnick 6-26-2014 8:32 PM (35 comments)
KlearGear Rep Delivers NEW 'Final' Statement About Company's Legal Battle, Trashes Complaining Customers It Hit With A $3,500 Fee by Tim Cushing 5-22-2014 8:33 PM (48 comments)
French KlearGear Rep Fires Off Email Defending Company's Actions, Claims Suit Against It Wasn't Served Properly by Tim Cushing 5-21-2014 3:27 PM (48 comments)
KlearGear No-Shows Hearing, Reinstates $3,500 Non-Disparagement Clause by Tim Cushing 3-26-2014 9:55 AM (50 comments)
Philly Court Orders Website To Unmask Anonymous Commenter 'Named' In Defamation Suit [Update] by Tim Cushing 3-10-2014 11:13 AM (12 comments)
Collections Company Named In KlearGear Lawsuit Dismissed After Reporting $3,500 Charge Was 'Erroneous' by Tim Cushing 2-26-2014 3:28 AM (13 comments)
Techdirt 2013: The Numbers. by Mike Masnick 1-04-2014 12:00 PM (76 comments)
KlearGear Sued For Destroying The Credit Of A Couple Who Wrote A Negative Review by Mike Masnick 12-20-2013 3:07 PM (47 comments)
Public Citizen Suing On Behalf Of Customers Whose Credit Was Ruined By KlearGear's $3,500 'Bad Review' Fee by Tim Cushing 11-26-2013 3:59 PM (21 comments)
Facing Backlash And A UK Govt Inquiry, LG Now Claims To Be 'Looking Into' Its Smart TVs' Data-Slurping Habits by Tim Cushing 11-21-2013 2:47 PM (51 comments)

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