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That Coronavirus Image Is Public Domain, But That Won't Stop Getty From Trying To Sell You A $500 License To Use It by Mike Masnick 4-06-2020 1:38 PM (75 comments)
Copyright Troll Mathew Higbee Demands ~$1,000 For Image Only His Team Viewed by Mike Masnick 11-27-2019 9:41 AM (20 comments)
Copyright Troll Attorney Again Hit With Sanctions For Being A Shitty Lawyer by Tim Cushing 10-02-2019 1:42 PM (27 comments)
New Mexico City Starts Crowdfunding Effort To Pay For Its Stupid Defense Of Constitutional Violations by Tim Cushing 9-16-2019 3:23 AM (132 comments)
The Great Hack Wasn't A Hack And Big Tech's Problems Aren't Really About Big Tech by Mike Masnick 7-30-2019 9:35 AM (46 comments)
Getty Images Sued Yet Again For Trying To License Public Domain Images by Mike Masnick 4-01-2019 9:42 AM (55 comments)
EU Parliament Paid News Publisher AFP To Create Bogus Propaganda Video In Favor Of EU Copyright Directive by Mike Masnick 3-08-2019 3:15 AM (62 comments)
Investigating the Higbee & Associates Copyright Trolling Operation by Carolyn Homer 2-22-2019 12:05 PM (47 comments)
One Person's Unsettling Experience With A $20k Higbee Copyright Troll Demand Letter by Daniel Quinn 2-21-2019 12:01 PM (78 comments)
EU Commission Decides To Mock The Public; Insists Fears About EU Copyright Directive Are All Myths by Mike Masnick 2-19-2019 3:04 AM (99 comments)
PEN America Sues Donald Trump For 1st Amendment Violations In Attacking The Press by Mike Masnick 10-17-2018 9:32 AM (85 comments)
Dashcam Recording Instantly Undercuts Officers' Concocted Reason For A Traffic Stop by Tim Cushing 1-19-2018 3:36 PM (40 comments)
The Met Goes Public Domain With CC0, But It Shouldn't Have To by Leigh Beadon 2-09-2017 1:10 PM (7 comments)
Getty's French Office Sends Out Letters To US Websites Demanding They Take Down Anything Linking It To 'Legalized Extortion' by Tim Cushing 1-12-2017 9:32 AM (18 comments)
Be Careful About Turning Image Search Into An Antitrust Complaint by Gary Shapiro 11-18-2016 10:43 AM (6 comments)
Indonesia Government Introduces Vague Law Making Offensive/Embarrassing Memes Illegal by Timothy Geigner 10-06-2016 3:25 AM (13 comments)
The Getty Museum's Lessons Learned From Opening Up Content by Mike Masnick 8-18-2016 11:14 PM (6 comments)
Getty Sued Again Over Abusing Copyright Law, Licensing Images It Has No Rights To by Mike Masnick 8-04-2016 2:34 PM (7 comments)
Getty Makes Nonsensical Statement On Photographer Carol Highsmith's Lawsuit For Falsely Claiming Copyright by Mike Masnick 8-01-2016 8:23 AM (84 comments)
Photographer Sues Getty Images For $1 Billion For Claiming Copyright On Photos She Donated To The Public by Mike Masnick 7-28-2016 8:34 AM (58 comments)
Michael Bloomberg Comes Down On The Wrong Side Of The Crypto Wars: Supports Backdooring Encryption by Mike Masnick 7-01-2016 9:29 AM (37 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 5-01-2016 12:00 PM (4 comments)
And Out Come The Wolves: Now Getty Images Files EU Antitrust Complaint Against Google About Image Piracy by Mike Masnick 4-27-2016 11:38 AM (60 comments)
Chinese Firm Now Owns The Rights To Tiananmen Square Tank Man Photo; What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Mike Masnick 1-25-2016 10:39 AM (49 comments)
2600 Explains Eloquently How Excessive Copyright Harms Everyone by Mike Masnick 9-16-2015 2:41 PM (29 comments)
The Crazy Permission-Asking Media Scrum That Descends When Photographic News Happens On Twitter by Mike Masnick 9-14-2015 9:22 AM (63 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 9-13-2015 12:00 PM (10 comments)
Getty Images Tries To Copyright Troll 2600 Magazine Over Content It Has No Copyright Over by Mike Masnick 9-09-2015 9:27 AM (73 comments)
Getty Images Goes Copyright Trolling After A Meme Penguin by Mike Masnick 9-08-2015 9:18 AM (36 comments)
Official Portrait For Pope's US Visit... Being Investigated For Copyright Infringement by Mike Masnick 8-31-2015 8:13 AM (52 comments)

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