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Americans For Prosperity Sue Commerce Department To Find Out Who Was Influencing NTIA's Attack On Section 230 by Mike Masnick 12-18-2020 1:31 PM (8 comments)
ICE Spent Your Tax Dollars Dragging A Journalist Through The Internet Sewer Over A Mistake She Apologized For by Tim Cushing 10-08-2020 3:50 PM (51 comments)
FOIA'ed DOJ Report Points Out The Downsides Of Relying On 'Predictive Policing' To Fight Crime by Tim Cushing 3-31-2020 3:38 AM (10 comments)
Federal Agencies Are Still Abusing Their Favorite, Super-Vague FOIA Exemption Thousands Of Times A Year by Tim Cushing 2-13-2020 3:44 PM (23 comments)
Judge Says Chicago PD Must Release Nearly 50 Years Of Misconduct Files Before The End Of This Year by Tim Cushing 1-16-2020 3:25 AM (38 comments)
Judge Says The FBI Can't Keep Refusing To Confirm Or Deny The Existence Of Social Media Monitoring Documents by Tim Cushing 11-20-2019 3:23 AM (14 comments)
Our FOIA Lawsuit Gets Results: ICE Admits It Didn't Really Seize A Million 'Copyright Infringing' Domains by Mike Masnick 10-30-2019 9:33 AM (24 comments)
Documents Show The FBI Is Targeting Financial Institutions, Credit Reporting Agencies, And Universities With NSLs by Tim Cushing 10-01-2019 11:58 AM (8 comments)
Office Of Legal Counsel Sued For Refusing To Turn Over Legal Memos Congress Said Aren't Exempt From FOIA Law by Tim Cushing 9-03-2019 8:05 PM (14 comments)
Oversight Report Shows The NSA Did Not Delete All The Inadvertently-Collected Phone Records It Claimed It Had Deleted by Tim Cushing 8-06-2019 6:34 AM (16 comments)
Documents Show The NSA's Abuse Of Its Phone Records Collection Continued Right Up Until Its Decision To Pull The Plug by Tim Cushing 6-28-2019 3:10 AM (5 comments)
Interior Department Putting Even More Effort Into Dodging FOIA Request by Tim Cushing 6-24-2019 7:40 PM (7 comments)
Coalition Of Rights Activists And Journalists Wants To Know Why DHS, CBP, And ICE Are Spying On Activists And Journalists by Tim Cushing 5-10-2019 10:44 AM (85 comments)
CBP Will Search You And Your Property If You're Paying Too Much Attention To An Agent. Or Too Little. by Tim Cushing 1-11-2019 10:45 AM (35 comments)
Atlanta Prosecutor Sues DOJ For Blocking Investigation Of Incident Where Cops Shot A Man 59 Times by Tim Cushing 1-04-2019 7:39 PM (47 comments)
EFF Wins FOIA Lawsuit Against DEA, Forces The Release Of More Info About Its Hemisphere Program by Tim Cushing 12-27-2018 10:50 AM (7 comments)
FBI Swept Up Info About Aaron Swartz While Pursuing An Al-Qaeda Investigation by Tim Cushing 12-18-2018 3:22 AM (17 comments)
If You Want The Government To Hand Over Documents, You Might Want To Retain A Lawyer by Tim Cushing 11-16-2018 12:06 PM (3 comments)
Judge Says FOIA Isn't Battleship; Requesters Don't Need To Score Direct Hits To Obtain Documents by Tim Cushing 10-22-2018 3:41 AM (9 comments)
DHS Watchdog Says CBP's Drone Program Is An Insecure, Possibly Rights-Violating Mess by Tim Cushing 10-01-2018 3:21 AM (21 comments)
Another Batch Of FISA Court Docs Confirms The NSA Frequently Abuses Its Collection Powers by Tim Cushing 9-14-2018 3:28 AM (6 comments)
Brief To FISA Court Says The Presumption Of Openness Should Apply There, Too by Tim Cushing 8-10-2018 7:39 PM (17 comments)
Breaking With 30 Years Of Traditional Opacity, DOJ Releases FISA Warrant Applications For Surveillance Of Carter Page by Tim Cushing 7-23-2018 3:28 AM (74 comments)
Court Has No Problem With Multiple Invasive Probings In Search Of Drugs That Didn't Exist by Tim Cushing 5-30-2018 3:33 PM (88 comments)
Courts Says CIA Can Dump Classified Info To Members Of The Public And Still Deny They've Been Publicly Released by Tim Cushing 5-22-2018 3:23 AM (16 comments)
FOIA Heroes At The FBI Protect Superman's Privacy; Refuse To Hand Over Secret Identity To Requester by Tim Cushing 5-04-2018 7:39 PM (13 comments)
DOJ Readying Warrants In Carter Page Investigation For Public Release by Tim Cushing 3-20-2018 10:45 AM (17 comments)
FBI Documents Show More Evidence Of Agency's Sketchy Relationship With Best Buy's Geek Squad by Tim Cushing 3-08-2018 10:44 AM (66 comments)
Trump, Nunes Accidentally Undo DOJ's Efforts To Keep Surveillance Docs Under Wraps by Tim Cushing 2-21-2018 10:41 AM (31 comments)
Judge Tells CIA It Can't Hand Classified Info To Journalists And Pretend The Info Hasn't Been Made Public by Tim Cushing 2-08-2018 3:26 AM (10 comments)

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