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Bangladeshi Government Decides There's No Time Like The Present To Censor/Arrest More Journalists by Tim Cushing 6-02-2020 3:22 AM (7 comments)
Hungary's Government Using Pandemic Emergency Powers To Silence Critics by Tim Cushing 5-18-2020 1:29 PM (27 comments)
Cambodian Government Using Fake News Law To Silence Critics And Coronavirus Reporting by Tim Cushing 5-04-2020 9:04 AM (8 comments)
Singapore Government Tests Out Its Fake News Law Against An Opposition Party Leader by Tim Cushing 11-27-2019 10:42 AM (5 comments)
Indian Gov't Uses National Security Law, Bad Information To Block Twitter Accounts All Over The World by Tim Cushing 6-24-2019 10:44 AM (12 comments)
Singapore's Fake News Law Is Also An Internet Surveillance Law by Tim Cushing 6-04-2019 9:33 AM (9 comments)
Singapore Government Pushes Fake News Law Which Will Give It More Options To Shut Down Critics by Tim Cushing 4-10-2019 3:30 AM (12 comments)
UK Now Proposes Ridiculous Plan To Fine Internet Companies For Vaguely Defined 'Harmful Content' by Mike Masnick 4-09-2019 9:30 AM (99 comments)
Thai Government Uses Fake News Law To Lock Up Opposing Party Leaders by Tim Cushing 3-14-2019 1:32 PM (8 comments)
Another Critic Of Egypt's Government Gets Hit With 'Fake News' Charges by Tim Cushing 10-12-2018 9:46 AM (10 comments)
Russian Government Decides To Stamp Out 'Fake News' At Home, Presumably Leaving Export Operations Unaffected by Tim Cushing 7-26-2018 9:24 AM (14 comments)
Malaysian Government Decides To Dump Its Terrible Anti-Fake News Law by Tim Cushing 7-06-2018 1:20 PM (7 comments)
New Malaysian Prime Minister Who Promised To Kill 'Fake News' Law Decides It Might Be Useful Now That He's In Power by Tim Cushing 5-17-2018 12:13 PM (27 comments)
Malaysian 'Fake News' Law Claims Its First Victim by Tim Cushing 5-03-2018 3:23 AM (33 comments)
Singaporean Government Creates Fake News To Push Fake News Legislation by Tim Cushing 4-16-2018 3:23 AM (31 comments)

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