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Copyright As Censorship: WSJ Identifies Hundreds Of Bogus News Takedowns; People Blame Google Rather Than Copyright by Mike Masnick 5-19-2020 9:28 AM (18 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Gun Rights Advocate Gets Video Taken Down With Bogus Copyright Claim by Mike Masnick 1-23-2020 3:32 PM (29 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: American Law Institute Uses Copyright To Stop Discussion Of Controversial Publication Prior To Vote by Mike Masnick 5-15-2019 9:27 AM (43 comments)
Supporters Of Article 13, After Denying It's About Filters, Now Say It's About Regulating Filters Which They Admit Don't Work by Mike Masnick 3-25-2019 3:31 AM (159 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: FIFA's Overaggressive Copyright Takedowns Target Fans Celebrating And Pussy Riot Protesting by Mike Masnick 7-17-2018 9:26 AM (22 comments)
Updated! Massachusetts Police Dept. Files DMCA Takedowns On News Stories Using Mugshots Taken By Police by Mike Masnick 11-18-2016 9:35 AM (25 comments)
Another Entity Thinks A Random Bundle Of URLs Is A Legitimate DMCA Takedown Request by Tim Cushing 6-08-2016 11:40 AM (33 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Questionable Copyright Claim Forces Indie Musician To Destroy All Physical Copies Of New Album by Mike Masnick 5-25-2016 8:34 AM (23 comments)
Gene Kelly's Widow Claims Copyright In Interviews Done By Gene Kelly, Sues Over Academic Book by Mike Masnick 5-12-2016 10:40 AM (42 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Popular Twitter Account Keeps Getting Deleted Over Trollish DMCA Claims by Mike Masnick 2-19-2016 10:39 AM (40 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Sketchy Food Scanning Company Abuses DMCA To Censor Critical Reporting by Mike Masnick 11-04-2015 10:45 AM (5 comments)
Miami Heat Owner Hit With $155,000 In Legal Fees After Losing His Bogus Copyright Infringement Lawsuit by Tim Cushing 9-14-2015 3:41 PM (25 comments)
That Time Hitler Used Copyright Law To Block Future Senator Alan Cranston From Publishing Mein Kampf by Mike Masnick 5-15-2015 10:37 AM (26 comments)
Revealed: How To Get The IFPI To Issue Bogus DMCA Takedowns On Just About Anything, With No Questions Asked And No Review by Mike Masnick 9-25-2014 10:16 AM (85 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Comic Artist Uses DMCA To Censor Critical Blogs by Mike Masnick 8-04-2014 8:59 AM (27 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: San Francisco Eviction Lawyer Uses DMCA Takedown To Censor Protest Video by Mike Masnick 7-22-2014 9:03 AM (39 comments)
RIAA Uses Copyright Claim To Disappear Historical Archive Of Radio Airchecks by Mike Masnick 7-16-2014 8:58 AM (37 comments)
A Look Back In Techdirt History by Mike Masnick 4-19-2014 12:00 PM (14 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Turkey's Prime Minister Copyrights His Recorded Calls To Get Them Off YouTube by Mike Masnick 3-14-2014 12:39 PM (20 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Lawyers Tell Show Inspired By 'The Princess Bride' To Prepare To Die by Mike Masnick 12-10-2013 9:02 AM (138 comments)
Copyright As Censorship Again: Game Developer Takes Down Scathing YouTube Review by Mike Masnick 10-21-2013 5:30 AM (50 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Using The DMCA To Take Down Websites For Accurately Calling Out Racist Comments by Mike Masnick 9-25-2013 10:57 AM (86 comments)
Why Yes, Copyright Can Be Used To Censor, And 'Fair Use Creep' Is Also Called 'Free Speech' by Mike Masnick 7-26-2013 1:40 PM (52 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: NBC Pulls YouTube Clip From Senator Elizabeth Warren's Account by Mike Masnick 7-19-2013 11:18 AM (35 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: University Threatens Own Faculty With Copyright Infringement For Campus Survey by Mike Masnick 4-04-2013 7:50 AM (155 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Birth Blogger Fight Goes Legal Over DMCA Abuse by Mike Masnick 1-29-2013 12:35 PM (75 comments)
Open Letter To Human Synergistics International In Response To Your Accusation That Techdirt Is Infringing by Mike Masnick 11-29-2012 9:45 AM (143 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Author Removes Blog Post After Being Threatened For Quoting 4 Sentences by Mike Masnick 10-05-2012 12:16 PM (92 comments)
Lord Finesse's Lawyers Now Using Copyright To Stifle Dan Bull's Criticism Of His Lawsuit Against Mac Miller by Mike Masnick 7-13-2012 2:39 PM (70 comments)
Copyright As Censorship: Newport Television Abusing DMCA To Try To Silence Criticism by Mike Masnick 7-12-2011 2:51 PM (17 comments)

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