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EU Joins In The Bullying Of South Africa For Daring To Adopt US-Style Fair Use Principles by Glyn Moody 4-30-2020 3:34 AM (10 comments)
European Commission Wants Coronavirus Tracing Apps To Build In Strong Protections For Privacy -- Unlike The French Government by Glyn Moody 4-24-2020 7:39 PM (12 comments)
Australia Takes Its First Baby Steps On the Road To A Right-To-Repair Law, With A Consultation About Tractors by Glyn Moody 4-22-2020 3:42 PM (15 comments)
Manufacturers Refuse To Allow Hospitals To Fix Ventilators That Are The Last Hope For Many COVID-19 Patients by Glyn Moody 4-10-2020 3:22 AM (43 comments)
UK Says It Won't Implement The EU Copyright Directive, Which Wouldn't Have Passed Without Its Support During A Crucial Vote by Glyn Moody 1-28-2020 3:09 AM (36 comments)
Germany Wants To Limit Memes And Mashups Derived From Press Publishers' Material To 128-by-128 Pixels In Resolution, And Three Seconds In Length by Glyn Moody 1-23-2020 3:26 AM (43 comments)
Academic Journals In Russia Retract Over 800 Papers Because Of Plagiarism, Self-Plagiarism And 'Gift Authorship' by Glyn Moody 1-13-2020 7:36 PM (21 comments)
Abbott Laboratories Sends Heavy-Handed Copyright Threat To Shut Down Diabetes Community Tool For Accessing Blood-Sugar Data by Glyn Moody 12-18-2019 12:03 PM (24 comments)
The Fate Of EU Legislation Designed To Bolster Data Protection Beyond The GDPR, The ePrivacy Regulation, Hangs In The Balance by Glyn Moody 12-05-2019 7:53 PM (9 comments)
The Curious Case Of The Bogus CC License On A 3D Scan Of A 3000-Year-Old Bust Of Nefertiti by Glyn Moody 11-22-2019 10:49 AM (23 comments)
Just Another Day In Academic Publishing: Professor Posts His Own Article On His Own Website, Gets Takedown Notice Alleging Copyright Infringement by Glyn Moody 11-01-2019 1:45 PM (29 comments)
Chinese Authorities Call For Internet Companies To Add Bias To AI Algorithms -- In Order To 'Promote Mainstream Values' by Glyn Moody 9-25-2019 3:44 PM (84 comments)
Australian Aboriginal Flag Mess Is Getting Worse -- All Thanks To Copyright by Glyn Moody 9-18-2019 3:35 PM (35 comments)
Getting Upload Filters Wasn't Enough: EU Copyright Industry Starts Stealth Campaign To Demonize Internet Companies Even More by Glyn Moody 9-04-2019 3:42 AM (67 comments)
Do Citizens Have A Right To See The Algorithms Used By Publicly-Funded Software? by Glyn Moody 8-27-2019 7:30 PM (15 comments)
It's On: Details Emerge Of Polish Government's Formal Request For Top EU Court To Throw Out Upload Filters by Glyn Moody 8-20-2019 6:09 AM (18 comments)
Why A 'Clever Hack' Against Nazis Shows How Upload Filters Have Made Copyright Law Even More Broken by Glyn Moody 7-26-2019 3:22 AM (82 comments)
Why Carl Malamud's Latest Brilliant Project, To Mine The World's Research Papers, Is Based In India by Glyn Moody 7-19-2019 1:33 PM (9 comments)
EU Looking To Regulate Everything Online, And To Make Sites Proactively Remove Material by Glyn Moody 7-17-2019 3:32 AM (33 comments)
Yes, The EU Copyright Directive Does Have A Few Good Ideas -- But They Need To Be Implemented Properly by Glyn Moody 7-03-2019 3:27 AM (6 comments)
Polish Government's Legal Challenge To EU Copyright Directive's Article 13/17 Remains Shrouded In Mystery, But Details May Not Matter by Glyn Moody 6-18-2019 3:23 AM (37 comments)
EU Quietly Ramps Up Preparations To Re-introduce Blanket Data Retention After Top Court Threw It Out In 2014 by Glyn Moody 5-10-2019 3:28 AM (5 comments)
Open Source Makes Kodi Add-ons Proliferate -- And Hard To Eradicate by Glyn Moody 5-07-2019 3:33 PM (12 comments)
Why Your Holiday Photos And Videos Of The Restored Notre Dame Cathedral Could Be Blocked By The EU's Upload Filters by Glyn Moody 4-30-2019 3:25 AM (44 comments)
Good News From The EU For A Change: A Strong Directive To Protect Whistleblowers by Glyn Moody 4-23-2019 7:55 PM (29 comments)
Could Article 13's Upload Filters Be Thrown Out Because Of The EU-Canada Trade Deal CETA? by Glyn Moody 4-17-2019 3:23 AM (30 comments)
South Korea Wants To Allow Its Copyright Protection Agency To Block Sites Allegedly Holding Infringing Material -- No Judicial Review Required by Glyn Moody 4-12-2019 10:44 AM (19 comments)
German Publishing Giant Claims Blocking Ads Is Copyright Infringement, In Yet Another Lawsuit Against The Industry Leader by Glyn Moody 4-10-2019 10:41 AM (77 comments)
German Government's Bullying Of FOI Group Provides A Warning Of How EU's New Upload Filters Will Be Used For Censorship by Glyn Moody 4-04-2019 3:33 PM (23 comments)
The EU's Catastrophic Copyright Directive Can Still Be Stopped, If Governments Of Sweden And Germany Do The Right Thing by Glyn Moody 4-02-2019 3:33 AM (66 comments)

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