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This Week In Techdirt History: September 1st - 7th by Leigh Beadon 9-07-2019 1:00 PM (3 comments)
YouTube Sues Guy Who Tried To Extort People Through Bogus DMCA Takedowns by Mike Masnick 8-20-2019 9:11 AM (22 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: July 14th - 20th by Leigh Beadon 7-20-2019 1:00 PM (8 comments)
YouTube Finally Demands Specificity From Copyright Claimants by Tim Cushing 7-11-2019 10:44 AM (24 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 4-28-2019 12:00 PM (9 comments)
Starz Issues Laughably Unbelievable Excuse And Apology For Taking Down Tweets by Mike Masnick 4-15-2019 12:04 PM (37 comments)
Starz Really, Really Doesn't Want You To Know That TorrentFreak Wrote About Leaked Shows, Or That Anyone Tweeted About It by Mike Masnick 4-15-2019 9:30 AM (64 comments)
EU Tells Internet Archive That Much Of Its Site Is 'Terrorist Content' by Mike Masnick 4-11-2019 3:36 AM (81 comments)
EFF Fights For Redditor Targeted By Religious Organization For Forum Posts About Its Data Collection Policies by Tim Cushing 4-03-2019 9:38 AM (32 comments)
Bogus DMCA Takedown Targeting Indian Copyright Blog Demonstrates The Problems Of Notice And Takedown by Mike Masnick 3-14-2019 10:46 AM (30 comments)
A Big Copyright Mess: Miel Bredouw, Barstool Sports, Slob On My Carol Of The Bells And The DMCA by Mike Masnick 3-05-2019 12:01 PM (74 comments)
Guy Who Forged A Court Order To Delist Content Issues More Bogus Takedown Notices To Remove Posts Discussing His Forgery by Tim Cushing 1-28-2019 10:44 AM (20 comments)
US Media Companies Engaging In Proactive Censorship Of Content Ahead Of India's New Hate Speech Laws by Tim Cushing 1-23-2019 3:35 AM (28 comments)
Malware Purveyors Targeting Pirate Sites With Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices by Tim Cushing 12-12-2018 10:45 AM (17 comments)
Latest EU Copyright Proposal: Block Everything, Never Make Mistakes, But Don't Use Upload Filters by Mike Masnick 12-10-2018 10:44 AM (45 comments)
The Intellectual Dishonesty Of Those Supporting The Existing Text Of The EU Copyright Directive by Mike Masnick 9-11-2018 3:46 PM (60 comments)
Automated 'Content Protection' System Sends Wave Of Bogus DMCA Notice Targeting Legitimate URLs by Tim Cushing 8-16-2018 3:23 AM (54 comments)
Glass-Tongued Copyright Troll Thinks Google, Popehat, and Boing Boing Are Engaged In 'Black Hat Seo' by Tim Cushing 4-20-2018 10:43 AM (33 comments)
Yet Another Case Highlights Yet Another Constitutional Infirmity With The DMCA by Cathy Gellis 4-04-2018 10:43 AM (10 comments)
Angry Pick-Up Artist Says He Won't Issue Bogus YouTube Claim On Critic's Video; Issues Bogus Claim On Critic's Video by Tim Cushing 3-06-2018 10:59 AM (31 comments)
Facebook Takes Down Post Critical Of Indian Film For Copyright Violation, Even Though It Was An All-Text Post by Timothy Geigner 2-12-2018 1:31 PM (39 comments)
Techdirt, Volokh Conspiracy Targeted With Bogus Defamation Claim For Publishing A Bunch Of Facts by Tim Cushing 2-09-2018 3:23 AM (27 comments)
Snopes Debunks Fake YouTube Video; Video's Creator Responds With A Bogus DMCA Notice by Tim Cushing 12-06-2017 1:40 PM (41 comments)
Wikipedia Warns That SESTA Could Destroy Wikipedia by Mike Masnick 11-10-2017 10:49 AM (66 comments)
Congress Pats Itself On The Back Via Social Media For Its Opportunity To Slam Social Media by Mike Masnick 11-02-2017 9:33 AM (52 comments)
Craig Brittain's Senate Race Page Reports Craig Brittain's Personal Account As An 'Imposter' by Tim Cushing 10-31-2017 12:12 PM (18 comments)
Former Revenge Porn Site Operator Readies For Senate Run By Issuing Bogus Takedown Requests To YouTube by Tim Cushing 10-04-2017 9:22 AM (62 comments)
How Can A Video Game Company DMCA A Patreon Page For An Emulator? DMCA 1201 Strikes Again by Mike Masnick 9-29-2017 1:39 PM (17 comments)
Impostor Sending Out DMCA Notices In Chaturbate's Name Now Targeting Techdirt URLs by Tim Cushing 8-16-2017 10:42 AM (31 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by Leigh Beadon 6-18-2017 12:00 PM (17 comments)

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