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Stupid Patent Of The Month: Bad Patent Goes Down Using Procedures At Patent Office Threatened By Supreme Court Case by Vera Ranieri, EFF 10-31-2017 7:45 PM (15 comments)
Stupid Patents Of The Month: Taxi Dispatch Tech by Vera Ranieri, EFF 5-01-2017 6:06 PM (15 comments)
Stupid Design Patent Of The Month: Rectangles On A Screen by Vera Ranieri, EFF 10-03-2016 4:29 PM (15 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month... With Special Stupid Trademark Bonus Round by Vera Ranieri 6-01-2016 3:47 PM (6 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Sharing Your Hard Copy Documents, But On A Social Network by Vera Ranieri 1-29-2016 3:33 PM (13 comments)
Stupid Patent Of The Month: Microsoft's Design Patent On A Slider by Vera Ranieri 12-29-2015 3:33 PM (23 comments)
Patent Owner Insists 'Integers' Do Not Include The Number One by Vera Ranieri 10-05-2015 1:47 PM (49 comments)
Subway, McDonald's And Burger King Sued Over GPS Tracking Patent... Or Something by Vera Ranieri 3-31-2015 3:47 PM (39 comments)
In The Spirit Of The Holidays: It's Not Too Late For Uber To Avoid Stupid Patent Of The Month by Vera Ranieri 12-29-2014 12:58 PM (26 comments)
October's Totally Stupid Patent Of The Month: Filming A Yoga Class by Vera Ranieri 10-31-2014 6:14 AM (12 comments)