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Epic Games Sued By Company That Manages 'Coral Castle' In Florida Over New Fortnite Map by Timothy Geigner 8-20-2020 8:01 PM (8 comments)
Paulding County School District Now Trying To Duck FOIA Requests by Timothy Geigner 8-19-2020 8:21 PM (9 comments)
Costco Gets Trademark Judgement Overturned, Defeating Tiffany And Co. by Timothy Geigner 8-18-2020 8:00 PM (7 comments)
Boston University Applies For Trademark On Offensive COVID-19 Awareness Slogan For Some Reason by Timothy Geigner 8-13-2020 8:05 PM (9 comments)
Paulding County High School Un-Suspends Student But Can't Un-Infect Students Who Got COVID-19 by Timothy Geigner 8-12-2020 1:33 PM (39 comments)
Apple Opposes Trademark Application For Recipe App's Pear-Shaped Logo by Timothy Geigner 8-11-2020 7:53 PM (28 comments)
Console Exclusive Games Have Given Way To Console Exclusive Game Characters by Timothy Geigner 8-07-2020 7:39 PM (24 comments)
Crystal Dynamics Explains Spider-Man PS4 Exclusivity By Saying A Bunch Of... Words, I Guess? by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2020 7:40 PM (65 comments)
Georgia School District Inadvertently Begins Teaching Lessons In First Amendment Protections After Viral Photo by Timothy Geigner 8-06-2020 1:26 PM (73 comments)
Law Firm Southtown Moxie Responds Hilariously To Stupid Cease And Desist Letter by Timothy Geigner 8-05-2020 8:10 PM (29 comments)
Taylor Swift Changes Artwork For New Album, Merch After Online Retailer Complains Of Similarities by Timothy Geigner 8-04-2020 7:36 PM (13 comments)
Russian Stream-Rip Sites Attempt To Take Jurisdiction Issue All The Way To SCOTUS by Timothy Geigner 8-03-2020 10:49 AM (22 comments)
Two Breweries Fight Over The Right To Use A Geographic Name Due To Trademark by Timothy Geigner 7-30-2020 8:19 PM (3 comments)
Stone Brewing Is Very Upset That People Don't Like Its Trademark Bullying by Timothy Geigner 7-29-2020 7:37 PM (20 comments)
Tech And COVID-19: Stop Using Video Game Graphics For Fake Crowds, Fox by Timothy Geigner 7-28-2020 7:40 PM (24 comments)
Viacom's Copyright Bots Take Down 'Star Trek' Comic-con Panel Because These Bots Suck Out Loud by Timothy Geigner 7-27-2020 7:46 PM (6 comments)
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pet Just Applied For Trademark On Jingle For Some R-R-R-Reason by Timothy Geigner 7-23-2020 7:35 PM (15 comments)
Stone Brewing, One-Time Battlers Of 'Big Beer', Out Here Trying To Cancel Non-Confusing Trademarks by Timothy Geigner 7-22-2020 7:57 PM (12 comments)
Tech And COVID-19: MLB Rolls Out Remote Cheering Function In Its MLB App by Timothy Geigner 7-21-2020 7:42 PM (6 comments)
Yet Another 'Stranger Things' Copyright Suit Over A String Of Likely Non-Protectable Elements by Timothy Geigner 7-20-2020 3:44 PM (17 comments)
R&A's The Open Golf Tournament This Year Will Be Virtual In Multiple Ways And It's Going To Be Amazing by Timothy Geigner 7-16-2020 7:08 PM (10 comments)
Woman Who Refused To Wear Mask At Starbucks Wants Half The $100k In Tip Money Barista Got From GoFundMe Campaign by Timothy Geigner 7-16-2020 9:36 AM (99 comments)
Google Finally Gets Around To Banning Ads For Stalkerware by Timothy Geigner 7-14-2020 7:51 PM (16 comments)
What A Shock: Scammers Are Abusing YouTube's Notice And Takedown System With DMCA Claims by Timothy Geigner 7-14-2020 12:00 PM (13 comments)
WoW Alters Its Character Creation System to Add Diversity by Timothy Geigner 7-13-2020 8:07 PM (26 comments)
Twitch Faces Sudden Stream of DMCA Notices Over Background Music by Timothy Geigner 7-10-2020 12:01 PM (18 comments)
U.S. Court Of Appeals Hears Arguments That Lawsuit Against Disney For 'Pirates' Shouldn't Have Been Dismissed by Timothy Geigner 7-09-2020 7:59 PM (17 comments)
Estate Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Alleges Copyright Infringement Over Sherlock's Emotional Awakening by Timothy Geigner 7-08-2020 8:24 PM (36 comments)
More Disputes Over Trademarked Area Codes. Why Is This Allowed Again? by Timothy Geigner 7-06-2020 7:26 PM (33 comments)
Prosecco People Move On From Bullying Puns Over Trademark To Bullying Portmanteau Over Trademark by Timothy Geigner 6-30-2020 8:07 PM (5 comments)

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