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With So Much Public Interest In Our Judicial System, It's Time To Free Up Access To Court Documents by Parker Higgins 2-13-2017 1:20 PM (11 comments)
Stakes Are High In Oracle v. Google, But The Public Has Already Lost Big by Parker Higgins 5-12-2016 8:30 AM (29 comments)
NYPD Says It Has No Record Of Asking Disney To Use Copyright To Shut Down Times Square Characters, Despite Public Admission by Parker Higgins 2-19-2016 12:49 PM (15 comments)
Copyright Terms And How Historical Journalism Is Disappearing by Parker Higgins 11-04-2015 12:49 PM (57 comments)
Taylor Swift's Streaming Rant Nearly Identical To Garth Brooks' Used CD Rant by Parker Higgins 7-31-2015 12:21 PM (56 comments)
The US Government Should Release These 7,584 Fruit Paintings by Parker Higgins 4-27-2015 1:39 PM (17 comments)
New York Times Turns Ads Off On 'Sensitive' Stories by Parker Higgins 3-25-2015 12:41 PM (6 comments)
New Company Transparency Reports Help Quantify DMCA Abuse by Parker Higgins 9-18-2014 9:04 AM (19 comments)
Epiphany: Rep. John Conyers Realizes Mid-Hearing That His Copyright Position Contradicts His Stand Against Overcriminalization by Parker Higgins 7-25-2014 7:46 AM (31 comments)
Accepting Amazon's DRM Makes It Impossible To Challenge Its Monopoly by Parker Higgins 5-28-2014 8:55 AM (74 comments)
The Supreme Court's Real Technology Problem: It Thinks Carrying 2 Phones Means You're A Drug Dealer by Parker Higgins 5-01-2014 12:16 PM (54 comments)
The Cost Of Permission Culture: Or Why Netflix Streaming Library Sucks Compared To Its DVD Library by Parker Higgins 4-09-2014 10:00 AM (50 comments)
Culture Enriches Everything: Fair Use And The Office Time Machine by Parker Higgins, EFF 3-25-2014 12:33 PM (4 comments)
EFF's Parker Higgins' Favorite Techdirt Stories Of The Week by Parker Higgins 10-19-2013 12:00 PM (16 comments)

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