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Facebook Says It Will Block News Sharing In Australia If Murdoch's Social Media Tax Becomes Law by Mike Masnick 9-01-2020 9:35 AM (25 comments)
Australian Court Says Zipper Mouth Emoji Might Be Defamatory by Mike Masnick 9-01-2020 3:02 AM (17 comments)
Hypocritical AT&T Makes A Mockery Of Itself; Says 230 Should Be Reformed For Real Net Neutrality by Mike Masnick 8-31-2020 11:08 AM (26 comments)
Collaboration Houses: How Technology & A Pandemic Have Created Entirely New Ways To Go To College by Mike Masnick 8-31-2020 9:42 AM (16 comments)
As Speakers At The RNC Whined About Big Tech Bias, You Could Only Watch The Full Convention Because Of 'Big Tech' by Mike Masnick 8-28-2020 10:51 AM (44 comments)
China's Efforts To Hide Its Muslim Concentration Camps Helped Reporters To Find Them by Mike Masnick 8-28-2020 9:42 AM (14 comments)
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Insanely Stupid Lawsuit Against Facebook by Mike Masnick 8-27-2020 12:10 PM (57 comments)
Lindsey Graham Says We Need To Get Rid Of Section 230 To Sue 'Batshit Crazy' QAnon. That's Not How Any Of This Works. by Mike Masnick 8-27-2020 10:44 AM (33 comments)
We Ran Our Online Election Disinformation Simulation Game And There's Plenty To Be Worried About by Mike Masnick 8-27-2020 9:32 AM (22 comments)
Judge Rejects Epic's Temporary Restraining Order Request For Fortnite (But Grants It For The Unreal Engine) by Mike Masnick 8-26-2020 10:47 AM (13 comments)
Arizona State University Sues Facebook With Bogus Trademark Claim To Try To Stop COVID Parties Account by Mike Masnick 8-25-2020 3:35 PM (20 comments)
Judge Recommends Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Be Removed From Roll Of The Court For Misconduct In Default Judgment Case by Mike Masnick 8-21-2020 10:44 AM (31 comments)
Has The Pandemic Shown That The Techlash Was Nonsense? by Mike Masnick 8-20-2020 1:34 PM (12 comments)
Copyright Troll Richard Liebowitz Reveals His Retainer Agreement: He Gets Most Of The Money by Mike Masnick 8-20-2020 9:43 AM (60 comments)
Not A Good Look: Facebook's Public Policy Director In India Files A Criminal Complaint Against A Journalist For A Social Media Post by Mike Masnick 8-19-2020 1:20 PM (2 comments)
If Oracle Buys TikTok, Would It Suddenly Change Its Tune On Section 230? by Mike Masnick 8-19-2020 9:36 AM (32 comments)
Google Warns Australians That The Government's Plan To Tax Google To Give Money To Newspapers Will Harm Search & YouTube by Mike Masnick 8-19-2020 3:28 AM (27 comments)
The Fortnite App Store Battle: A Real Antitrust Conundrum, Or Just A Carefully Planned Out Contract Negotiation? by Mike Masnick 8-18-2020 9:34 AM (44 comments)
Confused Critic Of Section 230 Now In Charge Of NTIA by Mike Masnick 8-17-2020 3:35 PM (10 comments)
So Now We Needed Another Ridiculous Executive Order About TikTok That Goes Beyond The President's Authority? by Mike Masnick 8-17-2020 9:32 AM (29 comments)
Just As The Postal Service Is Being Dismantled To Prevent The Handling Of Mail In Ballots, It Tries To Patent Blockchain Voting By Mail by Mike Masnick 8-14-2020 7:39 PM (208 comments)
Devin Nunes Is Still Suing A Satirical Cow & A Political Consultant, But Judge Rejects Attempt To Bring Twitter Back by Mike Masnick 8-14-2020 10:44 AM (32 comments)
Judge Denies Copyright Troll Malibu Media's Request For A Default Judgment by Mike Masnick 8-14-2020 9:35 AM (49 comments)
Another Day, Another Judge Is Wondering Whether Or Not A Richard Liebowitz Client Knows He's A Richard Liebowitz Client by Mike Masnick 8-13-2020 2:40 PM (35 comments)
It Was Nice While It Lasted: 9th Circuit Rejects Lower Court Ruling On How Abuse Of Patent Monopolies Can Violate Antitrust by Mike Masnick 8-13-2020 9:37 AM (18 comments)
Judge Tosses Out Genius' Laughable Lawsuit Against Google Over Licensed Lyric Copying by Mike Masnick 8-12-2020 10:45 AM (13 comments)
Why Are There Currently No Ads On Techdirt? Apparently Google Thinks We're Dangerous by Mike Masnick 8-12-2020 9:37 AM (115 comments)
Yes, Facebook Treats Trump Fans Differently: It Has Relaxed The Rules To Give Them More Leeway by Mike Masnick 8-11-2020 9:35 AM (81 comments)
FTC Commissioners Are Upset About Section 230; Though It's Not At All Clear Why by Mike Masnick 8-07-2020 10:44 AM (24 comments)
Trump Issues Ridiculous Executive Orders Banning TikTok And WeChat by Mike Masnick 8-07-2020 9:53 AM (28 comments)

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