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The Utter Failure Of FOSTA: More Lives At Risk... And Sex Ads Have Increased, Not Decreased by Mike Masnick 12-04-2018 9:20 AM (40 comments)
Canada Rejects A Free Press: Supreme Court Says Journalist Must Hand Over Sources by Mike Masnick 12-03-2018 12:07 PM (44 comments)
Congress Using Lame Duck Session To Push Through Awful Plan To Politicize The Copyright Office by Mike Masnick 12-03-2018 9:34 AM (57 comments)
Facebook's Policy Team Steamrolled On FOSTA By Sheryl Sandberg's Personal Priorities by Mike Masnick 12-03-2018 6:28 AM (18 comments)
Exec Who Had Sealed US Court Docs Seized By UK Parliament Suggests UK Journalist Tipped Off Parliament by Mike Masnick 11-30-2018 1:31 PM (29 comments)
Missouri's Newest Senator Apparently Can't Read The Law, Pushing For Greater Censorship by Mike Masnick 11-29-2018 10:46 AM (34 comments)
Pompous 'International Grand Committee' Signs Useless But Equally Pompous 'Declaration On Principles Of Law Governing The Internet' by Mike Masnick 11-28-2018 1:35 PM (22 comments)
UK Hosts Theatrical Facebook Hearings On 'Fake News'... Undermined By Creating Fake News Itself by Mike Masnick 11-28-2018 9:38 AM (13 comments)
Dear Silicon Valley Tech Companies: Stop Treating Your Structural Challenges As Political Challenges by Mike Masnick 11-27-2018 9:35 AM (40 comments)
Why Europe Will Never Build Its Own Digital Giants by Mike Masnick 11-21-2018 3:28 AM (40 comments)
Judge Blocks White House From Pulling Jim Acosta's Press Pass, But The Battle Continues by Mike Masnick 11-19-2018 9:36 AM (89 comments)
Yet Another GDPR Disaster: Journalists Ordered To Hand Over Secret Sources Under 'Data Protection' Law by Mike Masnick 11-19-2018 3:33 AM (64 comments)
Blockchain Voting: Solves None Of The Actual Problems Of Online Voting; Leverages None Of The Benefits Of Blockchain by Mike Masnick 11-16-2018 7:39 PM (65 comments)
Not Even Hiding It Any More: EU Council Explicitly Pushing For Mandatory Upload Filters by Mike Masnick 11-16-2018 3:28 AM (48 comments)
Rights Groups Demand Facebook Set Up Real Due Process Around Content Moderation by Mike Masnick 11-15-2018 10:39 AM (34 comments)
The Wonky Donkey: How Infringement Helped Create A Best Seller... Which Would Be Impossible Under Article 13 by Mike Masnick 11-15-2018 9:31 AM (18 comments)
Dear EU Politicians: You Really Don't Have To Wreck The Internet by Mike Masnick 11-14-2018 8:00 PM (21 comments)
Facebook Allowing French Censors To Embed With The Company, And Maybe That's A Good Thing? by Mike Masnick 11-14-2018 12:03 PM (34 comments)
Judge Lets NRA's 1st Amendment Lawsuit Against Andrew Cuomo Move Forward by Mike Masnick 11-14-2018 9:35 AM (101 comments)
CNN Lawsuit Seeks To Show That Trump Can't Kick Reporters Out For Asking Tough Questions by Mike Masnick 11-14-2018 3:10 AM (168 comments)
The US Refusing To Sign 'The Paris Call' Is Not As Big A Deal As Everyone Is Making It Out To Be by Mike Masnick 11-13-2018 3:46 PM (27 comments)
Nice Work EU: You've Given Google An Excuse To Offer A Censored Search Engine In China by Mike Masnick 11-13-2018 12:05 PM (31 comments)
RIAA Court Filing In Stairway To Heaven Case Warns Against *OVERPROTECTION* By Copyright by Mike Masnick 11-13-2018 9:33 AM (36 comments)
Philippines Continues To Spit On Free Speech; Plans To Charge Key Media Critic With Bogus Claims Of Tax Evasion by Mike Masnick 11-13-2018 3:29 AM (17 comments)
Qualcomm's Patent Nuclear War Turning Into Nuclear Winter by Mike Masnick 11-09-2018 1:37 PM (7 comments)
Georgia's Brian Kemp Decides To Dox Absentee Voters, Revealing Why They All Voted Absentee by Mike Masnick 11-09-2018 11:58 AM (64 comments)
The Satanic Temple Apparently Believes In Copyright And Is Suing Netflix For $50 Million It Will Not Get by Mike Masnick 11-09-2018 9:38 AM (21 comments)
New Acting Attorney General Part Of A Patent Scam Company Recently Shut Down By The FTC And Fined Millions by Mike Masnick 11-08-2018 10:40 AM (47 comments)
Don't Throw Out The First Amendment's Press Protections Just Because You Don't Like President Trump by Mike Masnick 11-08-2018 9:22 AM (56 comments)
After Being Sued To Block Sci-Hub; Swedish ISP Blocks Court's And Elsevier's Website In Protest by Mike Masnick 11-07-2018 3:24 AM (44 comments)

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