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Verizon Is Still Abusing The Hell Out Of The Word 'Unlimited' by Karl Bode 10-01-2020 6:42 AM (11 comments)
The EU Makes It Clear That 'Zero Rating' Violates Net Neutrality by Karl Bode 9-30-2020 6:31 AM (5 comments)
Report Notes Musk's Starlink Won't Have The Capacity To Truly Disrupt U.S. Telecom by Karl Bode 9-29-2020 6:25 AM (54 comments)
Smart Locks Could Make Heartless COVID Evictions More Efficient by Karl Bode 9-28-2020 3:35 PM (10 comments)
Cord Cutting Has Utterly Exploded During the Covid Crisis by Karl Bode 9-28-2020 5:57 AM (79 comments)
Senator Blumenthal Warns AT&T Not To Make Wireless Privacy A Luxury Option by Karl Bode 9-25-2020 6:22 AM (16 comments)
FCC Keeps Using Bogus Data To Claim It's Closing The 'Digital Divide' by Karl Bode 9-24-2020 6:30 AM (5 comments)
AT&T Whines That The T-Mobile Merger Consolidated Too Much U.S. Spectrum In One Place by Karl Bode 9-23-2020 6:03 AM (5 comments)
DOJ Continues Its Quest To Kill Net Neutrality (And Consumer Protection In General) In California by Karl Bode 9-22-2020 6:22 AM (11 comments)
Experts Say Internet Shutdowns Don't Thwart Protests by Karl Bode 9-21-2020 6:25 AM (12 comments)
House Passes Bill To Address The Internet Of Broken Things by Karl Bode 9-18-2020 1:47 PM (10 comments)
Verizon Buys Tracfone As U.S. Wireless Gets Even More Consolidated by Karl Bode 9-18-2020 6:28 AM (14 comments)
AT&T Says It's Eyeing 'Wireless Discounts For Ads.' But It's Not Going To Be What You Think. by Karl Bode 9-17-2020 6:33 AM (12 comments)
That's A Wrap: Techdirt Greenhouse Content Moderation Edition by Karl Bode 9-16-2020 12:03 PM (3 comments)
Josh Hawley Isn't 'Helping' When It Comes To TikTok by Karl Bode 9-16-2020 6:26 AM (27 comments)
Yet Another Study Shows U.S. 5G Over Promises, Under Delivers by Karl Bode 9-15-2020 6:11 AM (8 comments)
Over At Politico, The AT&T Monopoly Gives Tips On Fixing A Broadband Problem It Spent Thirty Years Creating by Karl Bode 9-14-2020 6:31 AM (22 comments)
Auto Industry Pushes Bullshit Claim That 'Right To Repair' Laws Aid Sexual Predators by Karl Bode 9-11-2020 6:33 AM (41 comments)
FCC Formally Kills Rules That Would Have Brought Competition To The Cable Box by Karl Bode 9-10-2020 1:39 PM (21 comments)
T-Mobile Merger Approval Violated Every Last One Of the DOJ's Updated 'Antitrust Principles' by Karl Bode 9-10-2020 6:21 AM (6 comments)
If We're So Worried About TikTok, Why Aren't We Just As Worried About AdTech And Location Data Sales? by Karl Bode 9-09-2020 1:34 PM (12 comments)
Pai FCC Ignored Falsely Inflated Broadband Numbers To Pat Itself On The Back by Karl Bode 9-09-2020 6:14 AM (6 comments)
Astronomers Say Space X Astronomy Pollution Can't Be Fixed by Karl Bode 9-08-2020 2:09 PM (42 comments)
Bill Barr's 'Antitrust Crackdown' Of Google Is Going To Be A Weaponized Farce by Karl Bode 9-04-2020 10:49 AM (60 comments)
America Needs To Stop Pretending The Broadband 'Digital Divide' Isn't The Direct Result Of Corruption by Karl Bode 9-04-2020 6:45 AM (12 comments)
AT&T Is Astroturfing The FCC In Support Of Trump's Dumb Attack On Social Media by Karl Bode 9-03-2020 6:12 AM (29 comments)
Fake 'Russian Hack' Of Public Michigan Voter Rolls Gets Absurdly Overhyped On The Interwebs by Karl Bode 9-01-2020 10:48 AM (9 comments)
AT&T Now Trying To Ditch DirecTV After Bungled Merger Spree by Karl Bode 9-01-2020 6:00 AM (20 comments)
Yet Another Study Shows U.S. 5G Is Far Slower Than Many Other Nations by Karl Bode 8-31-2020 5:58 AM (32 comments)
Wireless Carriers Once Again Fight Efforts At More Accurate Wireless Availability Maps by Karl Bode 8-28-2020 1:42 PM (16 comments)

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