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Australia's Copyright Agency Keeps $11 Million Meant For Authors, Uses It To Fight Introduction Of Fair Use by Glyn Moody 4-27-2017 9:24 AM (19 comments)
China's Public Prosecutors Complain About Leak Of Anti-Corruption TV Series They Bankrolled To Raise Awareness by Glyn Moody 4-24-2017 6:23 PM (9 comments)
After Bill Gates Backs Open Access, Steve Ballmer Discovers The Joys Of Open Data by Glyn Moody 4-21-2017 7:39 PM (19 comments)
Corporate Sovereignty Used To Bully Ukraine, Colombia And Italy For Protecting Public Health And The Environment by Glyn Moody 4-20-2017 6:10 PM (17 comments)
China's Precision Censorship Machine Allows Some Controversial Keywords, But Blocks Combinations Of Them by Glyn Moody 4-17-2017 5:50 PM (4 comments)
Thai Government Forbids Any Online Contact With Three Overseas Critics Of The Monarchy by Glyn Moody 4-14-2017 3:24 AM (13 comments)
Initiative for Open Citations Takes Alternative Approach To Freeing Up Knowledge by Glyn Moody 4-13-2017 7:20 PM (1 comments)
Portugal Pushes Law To Partially Ban DRM, Allow Circumvention by Glyn Moody 4-12-2017 3:11 AM (22 comments)
India Learns The Hard Way That Equating Patents And Innovation Comes At A Price by Glyn Moody 4-10-2017 3:43 AM (16 comments)
European Commission May Join Gates Foundation And Wellcome Trust In Becoming An Open Access Publisher by Glyn Moody 4-06-2017 6:02 PM (9 comments)
If Facebook Becomes The Internet's Authentication System, Can Citizen Scores Around The World Be Far Behind? by Glyn Moody 4-06-2017 3:23 AM (48 comments)
New Regulations Appear To Authorize Chinese Law Enforcement To Hack Into Computers Anywhere In The World by Glyn Moody 4-04-2017 3:23 AM (23 comments)
Use Of VPNs Banned Completely For Millions Of People By Chinese Authorities by Glyn Moody 4-03-2017 3:21 AM (22 comments)
EU Plans To Weaken Encrypted Communications Despite Countless Warnings It Can't Be Done Safely by Glyn Moody 3-31-2017 3:39 AM (40 comments)
All That On-Off Excitement About CETA Last Year? It's Happening Again by Glyn Moody 3-30-2017 3:36 AM (4 comments)
More Financial Scandals Involving A Collecting Society: Remind Me Again Why They Are Credible Representatives Of Artists? by Glyn Moody 3-27-2017 9:27 AM (33 comments)
Encryption Workarounds Paper Shows Why 'Going Dark' Is Not A Problem, And In Fact Is As Old As Humanity Itself by Glyn Moody 3-24-2017 7:39 PM (11 comments)
JEFTA: The Latest Massive 'Trade' Deal You've Never Heard Of, Negotiated Behind Closed Doors, With Zero Public Scrutiny by Glyn Moody 3-22-2017 3:16 AM (19 comments)
Unpaywall: The Browser Add-on That Finds (Legal) Free Copies Of Academic Papers You See As You Browse The Web by Glyn Moody 3-21-2017 9:22 PM (6 comments)
China Clamps Down On Another Serious Threat To The Middle Kingdom: Western Animal Cartoon Books For Children by Glyn Moody 3-17-2017 4:46 PM (7 comments)
How Drones Help Transparency Activists To See Things The Hungarian Government Wants To Hide by Glyn Moody 3-17-2017 2:58 PM (20 comments)
Bill Gates And Other Major Investors Put $52.6 Million Into Site Sharing Unauthorized Copies Of Academic Papers by Glyn Moody 3-16-2017 4:32 PM (19 comments)
UK Court Grants First Live Blocking Order To Stop New Infringing Streams As Soon As They Start by Glyn Moody 3-15-2017 1:24 PM (20 comments)
Is This The Future Of Online Publishing? Leading Chinese Social Networks Add Paid-For Content by Glyn Moody 3-14-2017 5:18 PM (11 comments)
Photocopying Textbooks Is Fair Use In India: Western Publishers Withdraw Copyright Suit Against Delhi University by Glyn Moody 3-13-2017 3:20 AM (19 comments)
How To Improve Online Comments: Test Whether People Have Read The Article Before Allowing Them To Respond by Glyn Moody 3-10-2017 7:39 PM (193 comments)
EU Parliament Report Recommends Throwing Out Something Even Worse Than The Link Tax: Upload Filtering by Glyn Moody 3-10-2017 11:50 AM (24 comments)
Civil Liberties Groups Point Out More Reasons Why The 'Privacy Shield' Framework For Transatlantic Data Flows Is At Risk by Glyn Moody 3-10-2017 3:33 AM (21 comments)
UK Local Government Confirms Surprising EU Position That Viewing Pirated Streams Probably Isn't Illegal by Glyn Moody 3-09-2017 3:22 AM (19 comments)
Important Ruling On Perennially-Problematic Creative Commons Non-Commercial License by Glyn Moody 3-08-2017 1:04 PM (36 comments)

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