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If Flat-Rate Mobile Data Plans Are So Bad, Why Do Operators Keep Launching New Ones? by Carlo Longino 4-22-2010 5:57 AM (23 comments)
How To Get People To Watch TV Ads: Don't Stop The Program While You Show Them by Carlo Longino 4-21-2010 3:51 PM (43 comments)
iPhone Hits Just Keep On Coming For Apple: Sued Over Liquid Damage Sensors by Carlo Longino 4-21-2010 2:14 AM (43 comments)
Newspapers' Revenue Plan: If Lots Of People Used To Give Us A Little, We'll Now Get A Few People To Give Us A Lot! by Carlo Longino 4-20-2010 4:39 AM (27 comments)
Match-Fixing Scandal Hits South Korean Video Games by Carlo Longino 4-20-2010 12:23 AM (24 comments)
Group Buying and Coupons: All Patented Up! by Carlo Longino 4-19-2010 7:33 PM (18 comments)
Get Your Country's Technology-Related Excuses For Not Winning The World Cup In Now by Carlo Longino 4-19-2010 2:56 PM (10 comments)
In The Name of Microsoft, We Oppress This Media! by Carlo Longino 4-19-2010 7:37 AM (43 comments)
The NYT Discovers That, Lo and Behold, Web Filters Don't Work by Carlo Longino 4-19-2010 2:19 AM (22 comments)
Irish Judge OKs Three Strikes, Calls Copyright A Human Right by Carlo Longino 4-16-2010 6:13 PM (172 comments)
Sports Journalist Blames Fat, Cheeto-Eating Bloggers For The Decline Of His Trade by Carlo Longino 4-16-2010 5:03 PM (31 comments)
Company That Sends Out Almost-Extortion-Like 'Pre-Settlement Letters' Sees No Problem With Almost-Extortion-Like 'Pre-Settlement Letters' by Carlo Longino 4-16-2010 12:11 PM (28 comments)
New Ransomware Targets Porn Pirates, Makes Copyright Threats by Carlo Longino 4-16-2010 5:01 AM (19 comments)
South Korea To Shut Some Video Games Off For Six Hours Every Night by Carlo Longino 4-16-2010 2:30 AM (28 comments)
The Real Reason Skype's App For Verizon Phones Won't Work On WiFi by Carlo Longino 4-15-2010 6:27 PM (22 comments)
Technology Isn't What's Holding Mobile TV Back by Carlo Longino 4-15-2010 4:47 PM (26 comments)
AT&T More Upset About Stupid Analyst Report About Its Network Than Actual Network by Carlo Longino 4-15-2010 2:27 AM (8 comments)
TV Broadcasters Looking At Public Safety As Justification For Next Government Handout by Carlo Longino 4-14-2010 8:58 AM (57 comments)
Japanese Porn Actress Entices Chinese Net Users To Scale Great Firewall by Carlo Longino 4-14-2010 12:33 AM (30 comments)
The Number of People Giving Up TV for the Web Is Slowly Gaining Pace by Carlo Longino 4-13-2010 10:01 PM (40 comments)
Australian Recording Industry Group Tries To Assert Copyright On A Picture of a Piece of Paper by Carlo Longino 4-13-2010 1:41 PM (21 comments)
Daily Variety: We're Putting In A Paywall So We Don't Have To Write About Gossip by Carlo Longino 4-13-2010 5:45 AM (27 comments)
The Real Problem With Internet Comments Isn't Anonymity by Carlo Longino 4-12-2010 7:03 PM (82 comments)
Apple Reminds Everybody That It Controls The iPhone Ecosystem by Carlo Longino 4-12-2010 10:33 AM (56 comments)
NFL Tries To Keep A Lid On Legal Sports Betting by Carlo Longino 6-18-2009 5:23 AM (37 comments)
Um, Sorry, But You Don't Get To Sue When Somebody Moves Images You're Hotlinking by Carlo Longino 6-17-2009 10:59 AM (44 comments)
Senators Sniff Around Exclusive Handset Deals by Carlo Longino 6-16-2009 4:42 PM (17 comments)
Digital Britain: Few Surprises As It Looks To Prop Up Content Industries by Carlo Longino 6-16-2009 2:21 PM (34 comments)
Blu-Ray To Allow Users To Make 'Copies' -- With Lots Of Strings Attached by Carlo Longino 6-15-2009 4:22 PM (36 comments)
StubHub Says Ticket Resales Are Booming, Thanks To Lower Prices by Carlo Longino 6-12-2009 7:33 AM (13 comments)

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