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New Study Says The Removal Of Craigslist Erotic Services Pages May Be Linked To An Increase In Murdered Females by Tim Cushing 2-06-2019 9:32 AM (99 comments)
Multiple Parties (Including The Author Of The Law Governing PACER) Ask Court To Stop PACER's Screwing Of Taxpayers by Tim Cushing 2-06-2019 3:49 AM (26 comments)
Author Of California's Public Records Law: The Law Covers Old Police Misconduct Files, Not Just The New Ones by Tim Cushing 2-05-2019 3:33 PM (19 comments)
Mississippi Governor Extends Middle Finger To Constitution On Twitter While Applauding Asset Forfeiture by Tim Cushing 2-05-2019 9:35 AM (24 comments)
DNA-Matching Company Decides To Open Its Doors To The FBI Without Bothering To Inform Its Users by Tim Cushing 2-05-2019 3:23 AM (36 comments)
Federal Court Approves Reforms Targeting The Chicago Police Department by Tim Cushing 2-04-2019 3:42 PM (12 comments)
Minnesota Lawyers Board Asks State Supreme Court To Smack Paul Hansmeier Around A Bit by Tim Cushing 2-04-2019 11:59 AM (29 comments)
Another Pre-Super Bowl 'Sex Trafficking Sting' Busts A Bunch Of People Trying To Buy Sex From Cops Pretending To Be Teens by Tim Cushing 2-04-2019 10:41 AM (54 comments)
UK Forum Hands Out Public Records Request-Dodging Guidance To Over 100 Government Agencies by Tim Cushing 2-04-2019 3:29 AM (20 comments)
Court: Qualified Immunity Protects District Attorney Who Lied To State Legislators About A Wrongfully-Convicted Man by Tim Cushing 2-01-2019 12:04 PM (52 comments)
Appeals Court Says A Person Driving A Registered Vehicle On A Public Road Is Not 'Reasonably Suspicious' by Tim Cushing 1-31-2019 3:38 PM (24 comments)
South Carolina Cops Love Asset Forfeiture So Much They Take Cash From Crime Victims by Tim Cushing 1-31-2019 11:56 AM (33 comments)
Revolving Doors And Regulatory Capture Are Ensuring E-Voting Remains An Insecure Mess by Tim Cushing 1-31-2019 3:26 AM (22 comments)
More Than Two Years After It Took Them, The FBI Still Won't Return Family Videos Seized During A Raid Of A Security Researcher's Home [UPDATED] by Tim Cushing 1-30-2019 3:42 PM (42 comments)
Federal Judge Says Boycotts Aren't Protected Speech by Tim Cushing 1-30-2019 9:35 AM (88 comments)
California Cops Continue To Pretend New Public Records Law Allows Them To Erase Years Of Past Misconduct From The Record by Tim Cushing 1-29-2019 10:42 AM (18 comments)
Chinese Court Creates App To Alert Citizens Of Deadbeat Debtors In Their Area by Tim Cushing 1-29-2019 3:37 AM (31 comments)
The Criminal Justice System Is Relying On Tech To Do Its Job And That's Just Going To Make Everything Worse by Tim Cushing 1-28-2019 7:51 PM (18 comments)
Guy Who Forged A Court Order To Delist Content Issues More Bogus Takedown Notices To Remove Posts Discussing His Forgery by Tim Cushing 1-28-2019 10:44 AM (20 comments)
Cameroon Military Arresting, Trying, And Jailing Journalists On 'Fake News' Charges by Tim Cushing 1-28-2019 3:42 AM (27 comments)
NY Governor Offers Journalists A Gift No Journalist Would Be Interested In Receiving by Tim Cushing 1-25-2019 7:39 PM (38 comments)
French Defense Secretary Says Country Is Willing To Fire First In Cyber Wars by Tim Cushing 1-25-2019 11:56 AM (18 comments)
Lawyer Steps Up To File Doomed Lawsuits On Behalf Of Catholic School Teens Called Racists On Social Media by Tim Cushing 1-25-2019 9:40 AM (127 comments)
Supreme Court Has The Chance To Extend Fourth Amendment Protections To Apartment Residents by Tim Cushing 1-25-2019 3:08 AM (39 comments)
The FBI Says It Can Neither Confirm Or Deny Social Media Monitoring Programs It Publicly Secured Contracts For by Tim Cushing 1-24-2019 1:26 PM (13 comments)
Seattle Newspaper Wins Federal Court Case, Opens Up Reporting On Secret Law Enforcement Surveillance by Tim Cushing 1-23-2019 1:29 PM (9 comments)
FBI Forensic Experts Claim Mass-Produced Jeans And Shirts Are As Distinct As Fingerprints And DNA by Tim Cushing 1-23-2019 9:38 AM (38 comments)
US Media Companies Engaging In Proactive Censorship Of Content Ahead Of India's New Hate Speech Laws by Tim Cushing 1-23-2019 3:35 AM (28 comments)
Intelligence Agencies Sued For Refusing To Turn Over Documents Related To Jamal Khashoggi's Brutal Murder by Tim Cushing 1-22-2019 11:55 AM (17 comments)
Oregon Lawmaker Wants Public Records Requesters To Tell Gov't Agencies What They Plan To Do With Released Documents by Tim Cushing 1-22-2019 3:25 AM (25 comments)

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