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FISA Court Decides FBI, NSA Surveillance Abuses Should Be Rewarded With Fewer Restrictions On Searching 702 Collections by Tim Cushing 9-09-2020 10:44 AM (10 comments)
The Government Has Been Binging On Classification. Senators Say It's Time To Start Purging. by Tim Cushing 9-09-2020 3:11 AM (9 comments)
Prosecutor Who Used Bite Mark Analysis Even The Analyst Called 'Junk Science' Can Be Sued For Wrongful Jailing Of Innocent Woman by Tim Cushing 9-08-2020 4:04 PM (12 comments)
Government's 'Reverse' Warrant Rejected By Two Consecutive Federal Judges by Tim Cushing 9-08-2020 10:52 AM (10 comments)
FBI Horrified To Discover Ring Doorbells Can Tip Off Citizens To The Presence Of Federal Officers At Their Door by Tim Cushing 9-08-2020 5:25 AM (41 comments)
E-Voting App Maker Voatz Asks The Supreme Court To Let It Punish Security Researchers For Exposing Its Flaws by Tim Cushing 9-04-2020 9:40 AM (14 comments)
Another Florida Appeals Court Says Compelled Passcode Production Violates The Fifth Amendment by Tim Cushing 9-04-2020 3:43 AM (5 comments)
Appeals Court Says Address Mistakes On Warrants Are Mostly Harmless, Not Worth Getting Excited About by Tim Cushing 9-03-2020 2:40 PM (34 comments)
Ninth Circuit Says NSA's Bulk Phone Records Collection Was Illegal, Most Likely Unconstitutional by Tim Cushing 9-03-2020 10:51 AM (9 comments)
Court Tosses Surreptitious Video Recordings Holding Together Sketchy 'Human Trafficking' Investigation by Tim Cushing 9-02-2020 9:44 AM (18 comments)
Tinpot Administration Is Apparently 'Building Dossiers' On Journalists Who Criticize Trump by Tim Cushing 9-02-2020 3:14 AM (36 comments)
Federal Court Temporarily Extends The NYPD's Famous Opacity, Blocks Release Of Misconduct Records by Tim Cushing 9-01-2020 8:01 PM (13 comments)
ACLU Sues Federal Officers Over Excessive Force Deployed Against Portland Protesters by Tim Cushing 9-01-2020 1:40 PM (66 comments)
Appeals Court Says Not Allowing Federal Officers To Pepper Spray Journalists Makes Law Enforcement Too Difficult by Tim Cushing 8-31-2020 3:46 PM (42 comments)
Federal Court: No, You Fucking May Not Force Your Way Into A Home And Strip Search Six Very Young Children by Tim Cushing 8-28-2020 3:31 AM (44 comments)
It's Time To Start Dismantling One Of The Nation's Oldest Racist Institutions: Law Enforcement by Tim Cushing 8-27-2020 3:46 PM (225 comments)
Mass Biometric Scanning Of Students Is COVID-19's Latest Dystopian Twist by Tim Cushing 8-27-2020 1:49 PM (5 comments)
When It Comes To Qualified Immunity, Where Your Rights Were Violated Matters More Than The Fact Your Rights Were Violated by Tim Cushing 8-26-2020 1:42 PM (15 comments)
CBP Is Still Buying Location Data From A Company Currently Being Investigated By Congress by Tim Cushing 8-26-2020 9:37 AM (3 comments)
Law Enforcement Training: People Saying 'I Can't Breathe' Are Just Suffering From 'Excited Delirium' by Tim Cushing 8-25-2020 10:43 AM (114 comments)
Massachusetts Top Court Says Cops Need Warrants To Engage In Long-Term Video Surveillance Of People's Houses by Tim Cushing 8-25-2020 9:39 AM (7 comments)
Documents Show Law Enforcement Agencies Are Still Throwing Tax Dollars At Junk Science by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 1:35 PM (26 comments)
Appeals Court: City Employee's Horrific Facebook Posts About Tamir Rice Shooting Were Likely Protected Speech by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 10:40 AM (38 comments)
Secret Service Latest To Use Data Brokers To Dodge Warrant Requirements For Cell Site Location Data by Tim Cushing 8-24-2020 9:21 AM (15 comments)
The Supreme Court's Failure To Protect The Right To Assemble Has Led Directly To Violence Against Protesters by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 9:33 AM (89 comments)
Washington Court Says First Amendment Protects Teen's Emoji-Laden Rant About Her Mother by Tim Cushing 8-21-2020 3:32 AM (15 comments)
New Jersey Supreme Court Says 'Forgone Conclusion' Trumps Fifth Amendment In Crooked Cop Case by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 3:32 PM (14 comments)
California Fusion Center Tracked Anti-Police Protests, Sent Info To 14,000 Police Officers by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 12:11 PM (22 comments)
UK Says South Wales Police's Facial Recognition Program Is Unlawful by Tim Cushing 8-20-2020 3:46 AM (4 comments)
Court Says First Amendment Protects Ex-Wife's Right To Publicly Discuss Her Ex-Husband On Her Personal Blog by Tim Cushing 8-19-2020 10:49 AM (23 comments)

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