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Billy Bragg Says Don't Blame Spotify; Blame The Record Labels by 08-Nov-2013 13:24 PM (7 comments)
Musicians On The Wrong Side Of History by Dave Allen 08-Nov-2013 09:20 AM (41 comments)
Aussie Security Research Hacks Music Charts, Puts His Own 'Songs' Up Top by 05-Nov-2013 05:32 AM (34 comments)
Swedish Artists Looking To Take Labels To Court Over Spotify Royalties by 30-Oct-2013 04:51 AM (35 comments)
Court Says ASCAP Can't Selectively Remove Songs From The Blanket License It Gives Pandora by 19-Sep-2013 15:51 PM (29 comments)
UK Record Companies Want To Bring In 'Three Strikes' Using A 'Voluntary Code' For Punishing Alleged Illegal File Sharers by 03-Sep-2013 11:45 AM (20 comments)
ASCAP Asks FCC To Block Pandora From Buying Radio Station, Because ASCAP Doesn't Like Pandora by 29-Jul-2013 19:35 PM (52 comments)
Pulling Music Off Spotify Sends Exactly The Wrong Message by 16-Jul-2013 08:10 AM (118 comments)
Universal Music's Latest Bet On The Future: People Will Buy Music On Plastic Discs, Right? by 03-Jul-2013 10:01 AM (91 comments)
Pandora's Fed Up With The Lies The RIAA Has Been Spreading About It: Presents Some Facts by 27-Jun-2013 08:42 AM (93 comments)
RIAA Lobbyists Turn Anti-Pandora Desperation Level Up To 11 by 21-Jun-2013 09:50 AM (47 comments)
Pianist Storms Off Stage, Claims Fans Filming His Performance Mean Record Labels Won't Give Him A Contract by 14-Jun-2013 12:18 PM (62 comments)
Massive Growth In Independent Musicians & Singers Over The Past Decade by 30-May-2013 10:02 AM (101 comments)
Streetlight Manifesto Can't Fulfill Pre-Orders Because Label Refuses To Give Them Their Own Records by 09-May-2013 10:59 AM (48 comments)
Performance Rights Organizations Accused Of 'Retitling' Songs To Collect Royalties Without Paying Artists by 23-Apr-2013 05:20 AM (39 comments)
UK Music Licensing Agency Says You Can't Use Its Music In Your Podcast Without First Purchasing A License It Doesn't Even Offer by 02-Apr-2013 07:57 AM (29 comments)
RIAA: Google Isn't Trying Hard Enough To Make Piracy Disappear From The Internet by 21-Feb-2013 08:50 AM (114 comments)
GEMA Takes Kim Dotcom's Mega Launch Party Video Down, Despite All Songs Being Cleared by 24-Jan-2013 14:45 PM (25 comments)
A Music Streaming Service That Builds In CwF+RtB? Built By Trent Reznor And Ian Rogers? Sign Me Up by 11-Jan-2013 12:54 PM (12 comments)
Recording Industry Could Catch More Flies With Honey, But Keeps Betting On Vinegar by 30-Nov-2012 10:40 AM (54 comments)
Draconian Downloading Law In Japan Goes Into Effect… Music Sales Drop by 12-Nov-2012 07:20 AM (151 comments)
$6.6 Million Ruling Against Lyrics Site, Once Again, Shows How Short Sighted Music Industry Is by 09-Nov-2012 19:39 PM (56 comments)
Cat Power Gets Sick, Atlantic Wire Declares Indie Music Dead by 07-Nov-2012 13:49 PM (39 comments)
Universal Music Settles Key Fight Over Eminem Royalties… With Secret Agreement by 30-Oct-2012 15:59 PM (30 comments)
Korean Music Industry Embraces The Future While US Counterparts Fight It by 22-Oct-2012 13:33 PM (42 comments)
30 Years Of The CD, Of Digital Piracy, And Of Music Industry Cluelessness by 19-Oct-2012 19:39 PM (148 comments)
SoundExchange, Once Again, Warns Artists That If They Don't Register, It Might Keep Their Royalties by 12-Oct-2012 18:39 PM (29 comments)
Universal And Fox Sued Over Simpson's Theme Park Ride… By A Musicians' Union by 10-Oct-2012 15:14 PM (30 comments)
Pete Townshend Makes Required Annual 'Blame iTunes' Appearance, Global Deathclock Reset by 10-Oct-2012 09:11 AM (36 comments)
Musicians Celebrate: UK Small Venues Can Now Play Live Music License-Free [Updated] by 05-Oct-2012 14:34 PM (10 comments)

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