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Australian Government Reviews Its Encryption-Breaking Law, Says It's Cool And Good by 10-Jan-2022 12:15 PM (5 comments)
State Department Report Repeats Talking Points From Group Who Wants To Ban All Porn by 23-Dec-2021 09:50 AM (33 comments)
Germany's New Government Promises To Support End-To-End Encryption And Reject Backdoors by 17-Dec-2021 15:56 PM (11 comments)
Austin The Latest City To Try And Impose A Netflix Tax by 14-Dec-2021 05:42 AM (42 comments)
FCC Gets Its First Permanent Female FCC Boss Ever by 09-Dec-2021 06:28 AM (8 comments)
The Latest Version Of Congress's Anti-Algorithm Bill Is Based On Two Separate Debunked Myths & A Misunderstanding Of How Things Work by 10-Nov-2021 09:40 AM (188 comments)
Congress Tries To Ram The Ill-informed INFORM Bill Into The Must-pass NDAA by 08-Nov-2021 13:33 PM (21 comments)
The Internet Is Not Facebook; Regulating It As If It Were Will Fuck Things Up by 02-Nov-2021 06:22 AM (39 comments)
The Faintest Hint Of Regulatory Accountability Has Tesla Acting Like An Adult by 29-Oct-2021 15:44 PM (19 comments)
Telecom, Broadcasters Convince FCC To Explore New Taxes On 'Big Tech' by 27-Oct-2021 06:29 AM (20 comments)
The Rule Of Fences, And Why Congress Needs To Temper Its Appetite To Undermine Internet Service Provider Liability Protection by 29-Sep-2021 03:18 AM (25 comments)
China's Game Controllers Ignore Emergent Order by 16-Sep-2021 15:33 PM (27 comments)
Biden Has Wasted A Year Failing To Fill Top Telecom Oversight Spots by 08-Sep-2021 06:32 AM (22 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 296: Internet Policy & The Canadian Election by 31-Aug-2021 13:30 PM (0 comments)
China's New Internet Regulations, Building On Western Internet Regulations, Requires Algorithms To 'Vigorously Disseminate Positive Energy' by 31-Aug-2021 09:20 AM (17 comments)
States Wouldn't Be Pushing Inconsistent Tech Laws If Congress Wasn't So Corrupt by 27-Aug-2021 05:51 AM (16 comments)
Why The EU Needs To Get Audits For Tech Companies Right by 19-Aug-2021 19:55 PM (6 comments)
Facebook Is NOT The Internet; Stop Regulating As If It Was by 16-Aug-2021 09:30 AM (55 comments)
U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Paying People $2,000 To Pretend Binding Arbitration Is Good by 13-Aug-2021 06:14 AM (12 comments)
You Can't Be Tough On Big Tech While Killing Off Alternatives To It by and 06-Aug-2021 05:30 AM (25 comments)
Canadian Government Continues Its War On Internet Freedom With New 'Online Harms' Legislation by 03-Aug-2021 09:26 AM (19 comments)
Biden's Infrastructure Bill Shouldn't Undermine Cryptocurrency Infrastructure In The Process by 03-Aug-2021 03:21 AM (46 comments)
IBM Policy Lab's Newsletter Is A Must Read For Tech Policy by 27-Jul-2021 11:15 AM (2 comments)
House Republican's Entire 'Big Tech' Platform Is 'We Must Force Big Tech To Display Our Conspiracy Theories And Lies' by 12-Jul-2021 06:06 AM (192 comments)
Biden Executive Order Disrupts Hot DC Trend Of Pretending 'Big Telecom' Doesn't Exist by 09-Jul-2021 15:42 PM (13 comments)
Biden's Executive Order On Competition Has… Lots Of Really Good Ideas? Though, Potential Overreaches On Executive Power by 09-Jul-2021 14:12 PM (11 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 289: Florida's Social Media Bill Fiasco, With State Rep. Anna Eskamani by 07-Jul-2021 13:30 PM (7 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 288: Rep. Zoe Lofgren Sees Problems On Every Page Of These Antitrust Bills by 30-Jun-2021 13:30 PM (31 comments)
Congressional Leadership Realizing That 'Big Tech' Antitrust Bills Aren't Ready For Prime Time by 30-Jun-2021 03:24 AM (2 comments)
Creating State Action Via Antitrust Law And Making The People Who've Been Wrong About The Constitutionality Of Content Moderation Suddenly Right by 28-Jun-2021 16:03 PM (32 comments)

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