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More Creative Hollywood Accounting Revealed In Goodfellas Lawsuit by 23-Sep-2015 10:41 AM (56 comments)
Hollywood Keeps Breaking Box Office Records… While Still Insisting That The Internet Is Killing Movies by 18-Aug-2015 03:06 AM (111 comments)
The Out And Out Corruption Of Hollywood's State Subsidies by 05-Jun-2015 08:24 AM (37 comments)
Indian Film Industry To Punish Pirates Paying Customers With 3-Month Film Release Boycott by 10-Mar-2015 09:22 AM (41 comments)
Theater Chains Pout, Boycott Netflix's New Movie To Protect Antiquated Release Windows by 05-Mar-2015 11:35 AM (61 comments)
Despite Losing Money Year After Year, States Still Wondering How They Can Hand Out BIGGER Subsidies To Hollywood by 26-Feb-2015 08:06 AM (23 comments)
Studios Fed Up With Funding The MPAA: Changes May Be Coming by 06-Feb-2015 08:20 AM (26 comments)
The MPAA Isn't About Helping Hollywood. It's About Preserving Its Own Need To Exist. by 22-Jan-2015 08:10 AM (112 comments)
Hollywood Desperate To Blame Bad Opening Box Office Of Expendables 3 On Piracy Rather Than The Fact That It Sucked by 18-Aug-2014 10:16 AM (77 comments)
Jeffrey Katzenberg: The New Pricing Model For Movies Will Be Based On The Viewer's Screen Size by 30-Apr-2014 13:16 PM (89 comments)
Hollywood Hires New Person To Make Same Old Mistakes In Fighting Against The Future by 01-Apr-2014 07:41 AM (47 comments)
Piracy Continues Killing The Movie Business To New Record Highs by 28-Mar-2014 12:57 PM (94 comments)
When Will The Motion Picture Academy Take Responsibility For All That Piracy The Oscars Create? by 05-Mar-2014 12:18 PM (29 comments)
Hollywood Needs The Internet More Than The Internet Needs Hollywood… So Why Is The W3C Pretending Otherwise? by 13-Jan-2014 09:00 AM (67 comments)
Oh Look, Hollywood Had Yet Another Record Year At The Box Office by 02-Jan-2014 11:55 AM (78 comments)
Movie Studios Suddenly Drop Lawsuit Against Limewire by 13-Nov-2013 03:28 AM (24 comments)
When Will Hollywood Stop Blaming Everyone Else And Help Itself? by 16-Oct-2013 10:45 AM (70 comments)
Awesome Stuff: Films About Things Techdirt Talks About by 04-May-2013 09:00 AM (20 comments)
Warner Brothers Thinks What People REALLY Want In A Streaming Service Is Something That Costs More But Offers Less by 04-Apr-2013 08:55 AM (63 comments)
How Hollywood's Own Pirates Must Inform The Future Of Copyright by 19-Mar-2013 08:47 AM (137 comments)
Warner Bros. Lets Veronica Mars Crew Prove Demand For A Movie Via Kickstarter by 13-Mar-2013 13:12 PM (77 comments)
Michigan Bets The State Pension Fund On Hollywood Success, Ends Up Stuck With The Tab by 11-Mar-2013 10:03 AM (64 comments)
Hollywood Accounting Strikes Again: Universal Sued For Screwing Over Its Own Sister Company by 04-Mar-2013 07:40 AM (156 comments)
Kickstarter-Funded Movie Wins Oscar For Best Documentary by 25-Feb-2013 16:03 PM (89 comments)
Film Distributor Convinced Oscar Nominees To Take Down Their Own Short Films, Because No Real Film Would Be Online by 25-Feb-2013 09:44 AM (46 comments)
Hollywood Accounting Strikes Again: Investors In 29 Paramount Films That Earned $7 Billion Dollars Get No Return by 15-Jan-2013 08:03 AM (83 comments)
To Boost Its New Crappy DRM, Hollywood Tries Giving Away Free Movies by 10-Jan-2013 08:16 AM (89 comments)
$100 Million Pledged To Indie Film On Kickstarter… And 8,000 Films Made by 07-Jan-2013 08:45 AM (89 comments)
And, Once Again, Hollywood Is Making Tons Of Money At The Box Office by 26-Dec-2012 07:43 AM (83 comments)
State Subsidies To Hollywood: Almost Every Program Has Been A Dismal Failure, Costing Taxpayers by 06-Dec-2012 14:08 PM (141 comments)

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