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Appeals Court: Salesforce Can’t Use 230, And Could Be Liable For Sex Trafficking Because Backpage Was A Customer by 07-Aug-2023 09:25 AM (39 comments)
By Making Its Porn Age Verification Law A ‘Bounty’ Law, Utah Able To Deflect Challenge To The Law’s Validity by 03-Aug-2023 14:27 PM (44 comments)
Federal Judge Frees ‘Terrorism’ Suspects While Calling Out The FBI For Its Entrapment-Esque Tactics by 02-Aug-2023 13:56 PM (19 comments)
Unsurprisingly, Pornhub Blocks Arkansas IP Addresses by 31-Jul-2023 15:27 PM (59 comments)
Judge Seems Skeptical That California’s Age Appropriate Design Code Is Compatible With The 1st Amendment by 31-Jul-2023 09:27 AM (50 comments)
Journalist Tells FBI To Give Back Devices Seized During Extremely Questionable Investigation Into Leaked Fox News Footage by 27-Jul-2023 13:28 PM (15 comments)
Congress Pretends It’s Fixed All The Problems With KOSA; It Hasn’t by 27-Jul-2023 09:35 AM (8 comments)
Federal Judge Says State Troopers’ ‘Kansas Two Step’ Bullshit Violates The Rights Of Drivers by 26-Jul-2023 20:24 PM (21 comments)
Court Says It’s Fine For Cops To Use Cell Phones To Peep Into People’s Cars by 25-Jul-2023 19:56 PM (40 comments)
FTC Puts Challenge To Microsoft, Activision Deal On Hold by 24-Jul-2023 19:58 PM (10 comments)
Connecticut State Troopers Apparently Tried To Bury Biased Stop Data By Falsifying 26,000 Traffic Tickets by 24-Jul-2023 15:04 PM (19 comments)
Elon Musk’s ‘War’ On Possibly Imaginary Scrapers Now A Lawsuit, Which Might Actually Work by 24-Jul-2023 09:25 AM (28 comments)
Bill Limiting Data Broker Sales To Law Enforcement Moves Forward by 21-Jul-2023 19:39 PM (11 comments)
Elon Musk Can’t Pay Twitter Severance, But He And The Tesla Board Just Agreed To Pay Back $735 Million In Excess Compensation by 21-Jul-2023 12:35 PM (18 comments)
Maryland’s Top Court Calls Bullshit On Ballistic Forensics by 20-Jul-2023 20:10 PM (23 comments)
Court Shoots Down Portland’s Attempt To Dodge Protest-Related Lawsuits By Citing Insurance Loophole by 20-Jul-2023 13:50 PM (11 comments)
If The Crime Rate Goes Down After Half A Cop Shop Quits, What Are We Even Paying For? by 17-Jul-2023 19:55 PM (43 comments)
New Jersey Supreme Court: If Cops Are Going To Digitally Wiretap A Facebook Account, They Need A Wiretap Order by 17-Jul-2023 13:48 PM (2 comments)
Top Court In Illinois Says Compelling Password Production Isn’t A Fifth Amendment Violation by 17-Jul-2023 10:44 AM (28 comments)
5th Circuit Puts A Hold On Louisiana Court’s Injunction Barring Gov’t From Talking To Companies, After District Court Refuses To by 14-Jul-2023 14:39 PM (38 comments)
Ninth Circuit Latest Appeals Court To Say TSA Agents Can Be Sued For Constitutional Violations by 14-Jul-2023 09:26 AM (8 comments)
Chicago PD Sued Over Mass Traffic Stops Of Minorities That Do Almost Nothing To Stop Crime by 12-Jul-2023 19:58 PM (34 comments)
Court Rules Against FTC To Keep Microsoft’s Activision Deal From Closing Pending Antitrust Trial by 12-Jul-2023 12:11 PM (11 comments)
Twitter Sues The Law Firm That Made Elon Live Up To The Contract He Signed To Buy Twitter by 11-Jul-2023 12:34 PM (61 comments)
Large EU Internet Retailer Whines That It Shouldn’t Have To Comply With The DSA’s Most Stringent Rules by 10-Jul-2023 15:44 PM (5 comments)
Part 2: Microsoft Bolsters Sony’s Justification For Withholding Console Info In Court Doc by 07-Jul-2023 19:39 PM (14 comments)
NetChoice Challenges Yet Another Ridiculously Bad State Internet Law by 07-Jul-2023 15:31 PM (13 comments)
Senator Josh Hawley’s Public Records Law Violations Just Cost His Constituents $242,000 by 07-Jul-2023 10:51 AM (10 comments)
Court Rejects Attempt To Blame Amazon For The Purchase Of Product Used For Suicide by 07-Jul-2023 09:29 AM (16 comments)
Multiple David Sosas Ask Supreme Court To Overturn Decision Saying It’s Fine To Arrest ANY David Sosa When Cops Are Seeking A SPECIFIC David Sosa by 06-Jul-2023 13:39 PM (24 comments)

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