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TikTok Stops The TikToking In Russia As It Tries To Figure Out Its New ‘Fake News’ Law by 07-Mar-2022 10:45 AM (7 comments)
Russia Follows Up Ukraine Invasion By Demanding US Social Media Companies Stop Fact-Checking Russian Government Content by 02-Mar-2022 09:32 AM (54 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 313: The United States of Anonymous by 01-Mar-2022 13:30 PM (2 comments)
ACLU & EFF Step Up To Tell Court You Don't Get To Expose An Anonymous Tweeter With A Sketchy Copyright Claim by 24-Feb-2022 15:33 PM (10 comments)
Thankfully, Jay Inslee's Unconstitutional Bill To Criminalize Political Speech Dies In The Washington Senate by 18-Feb-2022 12:13 PM (8 comments)
Senator Klobuchar's Next Unconstitutional Speech Control Bill: The NUDGE Act by 16-Feb-2022 10:45 AM (37 comments)
EARN ITs Big Knowledge 1st Amendment Problem by 15-Feb-2022 09:30 AM (40 comments)
Eleventh Circuit Smacks Georgia Sheriff Around For Posting 'Don't Trick Or Treat Here' Signs In Sex Offenders' Yards by 14-Feb-2022 15:43 PM (22 comments)
The Intersection Of Section 230, SLAPP Threats, The Streisand Effect And Sex Discrimination In Corporate Structures by 14-Feb-2022 13:38 PM (10 comments)
Court (For Now) Says NY Times Can Publish Project Veritas Documents by 10-Feb-2022 13:31 PM (43 comments)
Terrible Vermont Harassment Law Being Challenged After Cops Use It To Punish A Black Lives Matter Supporter Over Her Facebook Posts by 09-Feb-2022 10:49 AM (14 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 310: A Global History Of Free Speech by 08-Feb-2022 13:30 PM (0 comments)
UK Government Refreshes Its Terrible 'Online Safety Bill,' Adds Even More Content For Platforms To Police by 08-Feb-2022 10:43 AM (43 comments)
Court Grants Qualified Immunity To Officer Who Told Couple To Take Down Facebook Post About Off-Duty Cop Who Shot Their Dog by 07-Feb-2022 09:37 AM (18 comments)
Tenth Circuit Tells College Administrator That Ordering A Student To Stop Talking About An Instructor Clearly Violates The First Amendment by 04-Feb-2022 10:50 AM (28 comments)
Governor Inslee Wants To Jail Politicians Who Lie? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by 31-Jan-2022 10:56 AM (39 comments)
Georgia Sees Florida & Texas Social Media Laws Go Down In 1st Amendment Flames And Decides… 'Hey, We Should Do That Too' by 28-Jan-2022 10:41 AM (65 comments)
Harrison Greenbaum Latest Trick: Having Paul Levy Respond To Criss Angel's Thuggish Legal Threat by 20-Jan-2022 13:40 PM (10 comments)
Small Nebraska Town Pays $16,000 To Resident It Attempted To Sue Into Silence by 14-Jan-2022 12:12 PM (19 comments)
Pennsylvania Court Reverses Student's Expulsion Over A Snapchat Post, Reminds School Students Still Have Rights by 13-Jan-2022 11:18 AM (27 comments)
NY Senator Proposes Ridiculously Unconstitutional Social Media Law That Is The Mirror Opposite Of Equally Unconstitutional Laws In Florida & Texas by 03-Jan-2022 09:20 AM (40 comments)
Chinese Govt. Arrests More Pro-Democracy Icons In Hong Kong, Including Music Stars by 29-Dec-2021 19:52 PM (30 comments)
Klobuchar's Silly Letter To Facebook Raises 1st Amendment Issues And Only Gives Ammo To Misinfo Peddlers That Facebook Is A State Actor by 29-Dec-2021 09:23 AM (27 comments)
Chinese Gov't Inflicts Its Selective Amnesia On Hong Kong, Forcing The Removal Of Tiananmen Square Massacre Monuments by 28-Dec-2021 10:58 AM (37 comments)
Confused Judge Grants Project Veritas' Prior Restraint Against The NY Times by 27-Dec-2021 10:40 AM (67 comments)
Robert Reich Loses The Plot: Gets Basically Everything Wrong About Section 230, Fairness Doctrine & The 1st Amendment by 22-Dec-2021 09:31 AM (95 comments)
No, The Arguments Against Florida's & Texas' Content Moderation Bills Would Not Block All Internet Regulations by 17-Dec-2021 11:58 AM (27 comments)
Canada Strikes Again: Allows Lawsuit Against Twitter To Proceed Over Speech Of Twitter Users by 16-Dec-2021 09:33 AM (43 comments)
Rep. Thomas Massie Seems To Have Skipped Over The 1st Amendment In His Rush To 'Defend' The 2nd by 07-Dec-2021 09:20 AM (95 comments)
Protecting Judges Is Important, But They Don't Get To Throw Out The 1st Amendment For Themselves by 03-Dec-2021 13:41 PM (28 comments)

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