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Daily Deal: iPad 7 (Refurbished) by 22-Sep-2022 10:42 AM (1 comment)
Cellebrite Accidentally Leaked Thousands Of Sensitive Documents During Handover To Japanese Corporate Partner by 22-Sep-2022 09:29 AM (6 comments)
Klobuchar’s Link Tax Is Back… And Somehow Even Worse? Helps Trumpist Grifters Get Free Money & No Moderation From Google by 22-Sep-2022 05:35 AM (44 comments)
Ohio Supreme Court Says There’s Nothing Wrong With Cops Seizing A $31,000 Truck Over An $850 Criminal Offense by 21-Sep-2022 20:01 PM (39 comments)
Warner Brothers Discovery Merger Continues To Be A Shitshow For The Ages by 21-Sep-2022 15:33 PM (37 comments)
Techdirt Podcast Episode 330: Elon Musk Takes His Chances In The Court Of Chancery by 21-Sep-2022 13:30 PM (0 comments)
Florida Courts Agree To Respect First Amendment, Allow Journalists Immediate Access To Filings by 21-Sep-2022 12:08 PM (6 comments)
No, The Solution For Criminal Defendants Is Not More Clearview AI by 21-Sep-2022 10:43 AM (10 comments)
Daily Deal: Microsoft Surface Laptop (Refurbished) by 21-Sep-2022 10:38 AM (0 comments)
DC Court Shuts Down Common Law Access End-Around, Says Congress Doesn’t Need To Release Full CIA Torture Report by 21-Sep-2022 09:29 AM (6 comments)
There Have Been Decades Of Broadband Policy And Subsidies And We’re Only Just Now Accurately Measuring Their Impact by 21-Sep-2022 05:46 AM (8 comments)
Rockstar Tries To Bury ‘GTA6’ Leak With DMCAs, Streisands Them Instead by 20-Sep-2022 20:11 PM (17 comments)
Security Experts Ask UK Government To Roll Back Old Computer Abuse Law That Harms Security Research by 20-Sep-2022 15:41 PM (4 comments)
Study Shows That Copyright Filters Harm Creators Rather Than Help Them by 20-Sep-2022 13:35 PM (74 comments)
LA County Sheriff Still Targeting Critics, Searches Home Of Civilian Oversight Board by 20-Sep-2022 12:12 PM (17 comments)
The Internet Is Not Disneyland; People Should Stop Demanding It Become Disneyland by 20-Sep-2022 10:57 AM (32 comments)
Daily Deal: Apple iPad 5th Gen 9.7″, 128GB – Space Gray (Refurbished) by 20-Sep-2022 10:52 AM (0 comments)
Saudi Prosecutors Are Targeting A US Citizen For Tweets Criticizing The Government by 20-Sep-2022 09:35 AM (18 comments)
Big Telecom Drops Its Legal Assault On Maine Over Broadband Privacy Rules by 20-Sep-2022 05:41 AM (3 comments)
EA Announces New Anti-Cheat Tech That Operates At The Kernel Level by 19-Sep-2022 19:41 PM (45 comments)
Hundreds More Cases Linked To Dirty NYPD Cops Dismissed By Prosecutors by 19-Sep-2022 15:36 PM (21 comments)
Finally, Some Good News: Federal Anti-SLAPP Law Introduced by 19-Sep-2022 13:36 PM (9 comments)
Musk’s Starlink Says It’s ‘Unfair’ The FCC Pulled $886 Million In Subsidies Musk Claims He Doesn’t Want Anyway by 19-Sep-2022 12:24 PM (21 comments)
Device Searches Have Created A Massive Database Of American Phone Data CBP Agents Can Search At Will by 19-Sep-2022 10:45 AM (9 comments)
Daily Deal: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4″ 32GB (Refurbished) by 19-Sep-2022 10:40 AM (0 comments)
The Media Demanded That Airbnb Do More Background Checks; Now It’s Upset That Airbnb Is Banning People With Criminal Records by 19-Sep-2022 09:34 AM (12 comments)
‘Dozens’ Of Broadband Providers Ripped Off Low Income COVID Relief Program, FCC Says by 19-Sep-2022 05:29 AM (15 comments)
Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt by 18-Sep-2022 12:35 PM (15 comments)
This Week In Techdirt History: September 11th – 17th by 17-Sep-2022 12:00 PM (0 comments)
Florida Dept. Of Law Enforcement Edits Racial Bias Training To Be Less Stupid After Journalists Start Asking Questions by 16-Sep-2022 19:39 PM (13 comments)

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