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by Glyn Moody

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development, economics, informal economy, innovation, wipo


by Tim Cushing

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consumers, economics, failures, used games, video games



by Glyn Moody

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economics, healthcare, incentives

Business Models

by Mike Masnick

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business models, economics, money, paywalls, video, youtube



by Glyn Moody

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austerity, economics, errors, policy, reinhard and rogoff

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20:36 Tech Companies Launch New Coalition To Keep Operating Company Patents From Ending Up Abused By Trolls (13)
17:00 DailyDirt: Personal Mobility Solutions That Solve Non-Problems Look Cool (3)
15:34 Tilted Kilt Files Trademark Suit Against Golf Course With Kilted Employees (34)
14:23 James Clapper Issues Non-Denial Denial Of Greenwald's Story About Surveillance Of Muslim-Americans (35)
13:17 Clueless Lawyer Sues Tor Project Because Revenge Porn Site Made Use Of Tor (70)
11:59 CIA Didn't Bother Informing Obama About Blown Cover Of German Double Agent Before His Call With Merkel (29)
11:10 Prosecutors In 'Sexting' Case Apparently Obtained Search Warrant To Photograph Teen's Penis (106)
09:51 Kiwi ISP Offers Service To Get Around Geoblocking As A Standard Feature (40)
08:51 Keurig Begins Demonstrating Its Coffee DRM System; As Expected, It Has Nothing To Do With 'Safety' (96)
07:31 FBI Directly Spying On Prominent Muslim-American Politicians, Lawyers And Civil Rights Activists (72)
05:40 DC Comics Refuses To Let Superman Logo Adorn The Headstone Of A Young Child Who Was Starved To Death [Updated] (52)
03:42 Senate Intelligence Committee Approves Dangerous Cybersecurity Bill (16)
00:40 ACLU Digs Deep Into The Law Enforcement War Machine (71)


20:36 UK Advertising Regulator Nixes EA's Dungeon Keeper Advertisement Due To Microtransactions (41)
17:00 DailyDirt: Decaying Bricks And Mortar (9)
15:38 Texas A&M Plays Hardball With A Double Amputee Over 12th Man Trademark (32)
14:13 Court Explains Fair Use To Lawyers Who Sued Westlaw & LexisNexis For Aggregating Legal Filings (2)
13:06 Amazon Offers Authors 100% Of Ebook Sales To Get Them To Recognize Its Fight With Hachette Isn't About Screwing Authors (44)
12:01 Taylor Swift's View Of The Future Of Music Is Actually Not That Far Off (46)
11:03 Rhode Island Cops Now Using Dogs To Detect Hard Drives, Memory Cards And Other Electronics (60)
10:00 LAPD Exposes Login To Data Harvesting Software During Interview With CNN (39)
08:55 Senator Lindsey Graham Doesn't Know Details Of NSA Abuse, But Sure It's Fine Because 'WE'RE AT WAR!' (49)
07:38 Congressional Committee Thinks It Shouldn't Have To Answer The SEC's Questions About Insider Trading (20)
05:34 DHS Cites 'Credible Threat' As Reason For Forcing Travelers To The US To Hand Over Powered-Up Devices To Airport Security (88)
03:34 Stewart Baker Deploys Shakiest Analogy Yet To Defend The NSA's Collection And Storage Of Non-Targeted Communications (30)
00:34 Distributed Search Engines, And Why We Need Them In The Post-Snowden World (24)


20:36 The Trials Of Being A Techdirt Writer Volume 1: Stupid Copyright Popups When Pressing CTRL-C (57)
17:00 DailyDirt: Almost Ready To Wear Textiles (1)
15:30 YouTube Quietly, But Publicly, Shaming ISPs That Make Your Video Streams Stutter (26)
14:15 US Courts' Wiretap Report Shows Wiretaps Are For Drugs And Warrants Are Rejected Only .03% Of The Time (20)
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