by Mike Masnick

Gartner Predicting Microsoft Will Clobber Symbian

Microsoft has been slow in gaining traction for their smart phone operating system, and that's partly because everyone's been a bit hesitant knowing how much they dominate the desktop space. However, the more they push, the more you realize they won't be stopped, and now Gartner is saying that, given a foothold, they're going to end up clobbering Symbian. The argument is that Symbian has a number of weaknesses that they show little movement in improving. Microsoft, on the other hand, is (as they're known to be) relentless on improving early version of their offerings. So, while they've tried and failed in the past with their various phone offerings, they keep coming back for more, and eventually they get it right. It's the typical way Microsoft enters a market. The first few versions are weak, but somewhere around 3.0 things start to fall into place. I still think many folks in the wireless world are being extra careful around Microsoft, so things might not go as quickly as Gartner seems to think - but it really is difficult to keep Microsoft down. Update: On cue, I've just received a press release from the folks at ARCchart saying that they're predicting Symbian based handsets to grow dramatically over the next few years - though, almost entirely via Nokia. The press release doesn't appear to be online yet, but I'm sure it will show up soon.

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