stories from August 14th, 2012

Legal Issues

by Leigh Beadon

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anton vickerman, conspiracy, uk

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by Mike Masnick

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14:40 Over 800 Startups Tell FCC's Ajit Pai Not To Kill Net Neutrality (29)
13:15 Techdirt Podcast Episode 119: Does Pharma Really Need Patents? (8)
11:47 Response To Facebook Video Of Murder Is The Call For An Actual 'Godwin's Law' (31)
10:45 NSA Makes Pitch For Section 702 Approval While Its 702 Requests Aren't Being Approved By The Court (10)
10:39 Daily Deal: Degoo Premium 2TB Backup Plan (0)
09:24 Australia's Copyright Agency Keeps $11 Million Meant For Authors, Uses It To Fight Introduction Of Fair Use (19)
06:23 AT&T Unveils A Fake 5G Network In The Hopes You'll Ignore T-Mobile Is Kicking Its Ass (25)
03:25 European Court Asked To Overturn Ruling Saying Linking To Defamatory Content Is Defamatory (9)


19:10 House Votes Overwhelmingly To Make The Copyright Office More Political & To Delay Modernization (35)
16:08 For World 'Intellectual Property' Day, A Reading From Thomas Macaulay (22)
14:29 FCC Boss Unveils Ingenious Plan To Replace Net Neutrality Rules With Fluff & Nonsense (10)
13:21 Bose Lawsuit For Collecting Headphone Data Is Flimsy, But Highlights Continued Lack Of Real Transparency (16)
11:54 Search Warrant Gag Order Successfully Challenged In Court (2)
10:40 Guy Fined $500 For Criticizing Government Without A Permit Sues Oregon Licensing Board (61)
10:35 Daily Deal: VoCore2 Mini Linux Computer + Ultimate Dock (0)
09:29 Here Comes The Attempt To Reframe Silicon Valley As Modern Robber Barons (51)
06:27 Cord Cutting Is Very Real, And 25% Of Americans Won't Subscribe To Traditional Cable By Next Year (64)
03:27 Prosecutors Overturn More Than 21,000 Drug Convictions In Wake Of Massive Drug Lab Misconduct (19)


18:28 More IP Attorneys Predict More Craft Beer Trademark Disputes As The Industry Continues To Grow (11)
14:56 Dutch Court Rules That Freely Given Fan-Subtitles Are Copyright Infringement (39)
13:22 Why Is Congress In Such A Rush To Strip The Library Of Congress Of Oversight Powers On The Copyright Office? (30)
11:50 Paul Hansmeier Argues Convicting Him Of Fraud Would Seriously Damage The Judicial System (34)
10:46 That Story About Uber Tracking People After They Deleted The App? Yeah, That's Not Really Accurate (42)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle (0)
09:14 Senate ID Cards Use A Photo Of A Chip Rather Than An Actual Smart Chip (54)
06:12 Canada Rushes To Defend Net Neutrality As The U.S. Moves To Dismantle It (14)
03:12 Former Spies' Dubious Claim: Release Of NSA's Windows Exploits Has Seriously Harmed National Security (27)


18:23 China's Public Prosecutors Complain About Leak Of Anti-Corruption TV Series They Bankrolled To Raise Awareness (9)
15:08 Legislators, School Administrators Back Off Cellphone Search Bill After Running Into ACLU Opposition (27)
13:21 New Survey: Most Millennials Both Pay For Streaming Services And Use Pirate Streams When Content Isn't Legally Available (76)
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