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Business Models

by Glyn Moody

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features, free software, money, ubuntu



by Zachary Knight

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computers, labs, linux, open source, ubuntu

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

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china, linux, piracy, ubuntu, windows, windows xp


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17:00 DailyDirt: Growing Better Strawberries (1)
15:43 Even The Onion Is Mocking Big Pharma's Focus On Patents Over All Else (21)
14:13 Kickstarter, Etsy And Dwolla All Speak Out On Net Neutrality And Why The FCC's Plan Is Dangerous To Innovation (9)
13:06 Film Distributor, Copyright Enforcement Company Join Forces To Kick Creative Commons-Licensed Film Off YouTube (19)
11:58 Kozinski Doubles Down On Ridiculous Garcia Ruling, But Hints At How District Court Could Correct Most Of His Mistakes (25)
10:59 Obtained Emails Show NSA Officials Knew In Advance Of GCHQ's Plans To Destroy The Guardian's Computers (19)
09:58 After Microsoft Returns All Of No-IP's Seized Domains And Settles Lawsuit, No-IP Is Still Angry (31)
08:55 DOJ Won't Pursue Case Against CIA For Spying On Senate Staffers Or Against Senate Staffers For Handling CIA Documents (20)
07:34 Warner Brothers Pulls Plug On Viral Greenpeace Ad Utilizing 'The Lego Movie' Theme Song (And Legos) (45)
05:51 Apparently Not Too Many People In Europe Care About Having Microsoft's Bing 'Forget' Them (15)
03:48 FTC Goes After Amazon For Kids' In App Purchases As Apple Begs FTC To Go After Google As Well (55)
00:43 On How UK's Political Elite Shoved Through A Data Retention Bill (32)


20:36 Blogger Defends Outing Politician Trolling His Comments (68)
17:00 DailyDirt: Can Public Transportation Ever Make Everyone Happy? (6)
15:31 Lyft Announces NYC Launch, Taxi Commission Declares It Illegal Hours Later (29)
14:15 Judge Not Impressed By Ross Ulbricht's 'But Bitcoin Isn't Money' Defense (20)
13:06 Germany Expels Top US Intelligence Official, Says It Will (Officially) Spy Back On US And UK (27)
12:05 Files About UK's Role In CIA Renditions 'Accidentally' Destroyed (18)
11:04 Ridiculous Lawsuit Filed (And Now Dropped) Against Tor Project Gets Even More Ridiculous: Now Involving Hate Group Leader (80)
10:02 DEA Gets Unchecked Access To Call Records; Taught To Lie About Where They Got Them (22)
08:56 Aereo: Okay, Fine, If You Say We Look Like A Duck, We'll Quack Like A Duck (86)
07:44 UK Leaders Look To Sneak Through Broad Data Retention Bill With No Debate (13)
05:47 Another Study Suggests Acting Immorally In Video Games Actually Makes Players More Moral (23)
03:42 Australian Law Enforcement Agencies Join Their US Colleagues In Obtaining Cell Tower Data Dumps Without A Warrant (12)
00:35 Following Backlash, White House Realizes Guy Who Opposed Obama's Own Patent Reform Plan Shouldn't Lead The Patent Office (27)


20:36 Tech Companies Launch New Coalition To Keep Operating Company Patents From Ending Up Abused By Trolls (13)
17:00 DailyDirt: Personal Mobility Solutions That Solve Non-Problems Look Cool (3)
15:34 Tilted Kilt Files Trademark Suit Against Golf Course With Kilted Employees (36)
14:23 James Clapper Issues Non-Denial Denial Of Greenwald's Story About Surveillance Of Muslim-Americans (35)
13:17 Clueless Lawyer Sues Tor Project Because Revenge Porn Site Made Use Of Tor (70)
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