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13:22 Potentially Big News: Top CEOs Realizing That 'Maximizing Shareholder Value' Isn't A Great Idea (52)
11:55 California Police Officers Are Handing Out Free Doorbell Cameras In Exchange For Testimony In Court (12)
10:41 WSJ Rightly Attacks Senator Josh Hawley's 'Nannyish' Laws Regarding The Internet (32)
10:39 Daily Deal: How to Hack from Beginner to Ethical Hacking Bundle (0)
09:16 Lawsuit Filed By Victims Of ICE's Fake College Sting Revived By Appeals Court (30)
06:19 New Hampshire Supreme Court: Of Course It's Not Defamatory To Call A Patent Troll A Patent Troll (19)
03:22 Huawei Busted Helping African Governments Spy On The Press, Political Opponents (24)


19:30 Intra-Family Trademark Violence: SR Sues JR For Using His Own Name In Law Firm Marketing (22)
15:29 White House Suspends Another Reporter's Press Pass, Once Again, Raising 1st Amendment Concerns (70)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 221: What's Really In The FTC's Facebook Settlement, Part Two (0)
12:01 DOJ/Copyright Office File An Amicus Brief In Support Of Led Zeppellin (19)
10:41 The Attorney General Who Doesn't Respect Or Comply With His Oversight Wants Citizens To Respect And Comply With Cops (26)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle (1)
09:11 YouTube Sues Guy Who Tried To Extort People Through Bogus DMCA Takedowns (22)
06:09 It's On: Details Emerge Of Polish Government's Formal Request For Top EU Court To Throw Out Upload Filters (18)
03:11 Gizmodo Media's Clueless New Owners Tell Reporters They Can't Use Encrypted Email Any More (39)


19:36 THE Ohio State University Applies For THE Stupidest Trademark In THE World (29)
15:36 Twitter And Facebook Removing Chinese Disinfo Campaigns Shows That, Contrary To Popular Opinion, They Do Moderate Against Disinfo (21)
13:36 Moviepass Changed User Passwords So They Couldn't Use The Flopping Service (25)
12:00 NC Appeals Court Withdraws Its Horrendous, Free Speech-Damaging Opinion On Retaliatory Arrests (23)
10:44 Beto O'Rourke Joins The Silly Parade Of Confused Politicians Looking To Destroy Section 230 (98)
10:39 Daily Deal: Google Analytics Training (0)
09:19 Latest 'Google Whistleblower' To Prove Anti-Conservative Bias Doesn't Prove Anything And Appears To Be Bigoted Conspiracy Theorist (90)
06:22 As The NSA Declares Phone Record Program Dead, Trump Administration Asks For A Permanent Reauthorization (17)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (9)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: August 11th - 17th (0)


19:39 Embrace Fans: How One Mystery Modder Has Kept System Shock 2 Playable (34)
14:07 Appeals Court Gives Gov't One More Chance To Lock Up Men For Producing An 'Illegal' Drug Its Own Chemist Said Wasn't Illegal (17)
12:03 Pushing For Facebook, YouTube And Twitter To Ban Hate Speech Won't Stop It From Migrating Elsewhere (87)
10:49 NYPD Used Reverse Warrants To Round Up Proud Boys Members Suspected Of Beating Antifa Members (110)
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