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12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (23)


12:30 This Week In Techdirt History: September 17th - 23rd (22)


19:39 'Smart' Hospital IV Pump Vulnerable To Remote Hack Attack (15)
15:50 Company CEO Pleads Guilty After Forging Judge's Signatures On Bogus Court Orders Sent To Google (38)
13:33 More Government Agencies Filing Lawsuits Against Public Records Requesters (12)
11:56 Turkish President Claims Jailed Journalists Are Actually Terrorists (25)
10:36 Report Details The NSA's Decade-Long Abuse Of Its Surveillance Powers (19)
10:31 Daily Deal: Freeter Pro (0)
09:33 Backpage's Biggest Law Enforcement Critic Doesn't Think He Needs SESTA To Take Down Backpage (40)
06:24 More Thoughts On The Senate's SESTA Hearing (71)
03:23 The Soaring Cost Of Sports Programming Is Simply Not Sustainable (37)


19:21 Dispute Between Roberto Escobar And Netflix Over 'Narcos' Gets Weird: Licensing Talks And A Dead Location Scout (13)
15:26 CCleaner Hack May Have Been A State-Sponsored Attack On 18 Major Tech Companies (32)
13:38 Released Snowden Doc Shows NSA Thwarting Electronic Dead Drops By Using Email Metadata (15)
12:05 WhatsApp Reportedly Rejected UK Government Demand For Encryption Backdoor (13)
10:45 What Netflix's Congenial Trademark 'Threat Letter' Says About Everyone's Tolerance For Trademark Bullying (33)
10:41 Daily Deal: Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle (0)
09:33 Insanity: Theresa May Says Internet Companies Need To Remove 'Extremist' Content Within 2 Hours (77)
06:36 EU Buried Its Own $400,000 Study Showing Unauthorized Downloads Have Almost No Effect On Sales (45)
03:30 FCC Sued For Ignoring FOIA Request Investigating Fraudulent Net Neutrality Comments (24)


19:26 With Court Ruling, Fan Subtitles Officially Copyright Infringement In Sweden (39)
15:46 Bogus Lawsuit-Slinging Rep Management Firm Sued By Pissed Consumer (9)
13:30 Verizon Hangs Up On Tens Of Thousands Of 'Unlimited' Wireless Customers For Using Too Much Data (20)
11:55 NSA Employees Routinely Undermined 'Non-Attributable' Web Access With Personal Web Use (14)
10:47 Alt-Right Twitter App Developers Sue Google After Gab.Ai App Is Kicked Out Of The Play Store (133)
10:42 Daily Deal: CASA USB-C 6-Port Hub (0)
09:38 Florida Utilities Lobbied To Make It Illegal For Solar Users To Use Panels In Wake Of Hurricanes, Outages (72)
06:41 The NSA's Weird Interest In File Sharing Programs (27)
03:38 Free Software Foundation Europe Leads Call For Taxpayer-Funded Software To Be Licensed For Free Re-use (34)


19:32 Court Allows San Diego Comic-Con's Suit Against The Salt Lake City Comic Con To Move Forward (15)
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