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12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: January 19th - 25th (4)


19:39 Leaked Document Suggests Possible Facial Recognition Ban In Europe (16)
15:28 Reminder: Our Public Domain Game Jam Of 1924 Works Has One More Week (9)
13:31 YouTube Streamer Hit With Demonetization Over Copyright Claims To Numbers '36' And '50' (78)
11:58 Twitter Asks Judge To Dismiss Devin Nunes' Frivolous Lawsuit Via Section 230 (19)
10:44 SmileDirectClub Is Trying To Silence Criticism By Tying Refunds To Non-Disparagement Agreements (15)
10:39 Daily Deal: The C++ Programming Bundle -- Beginner to Expert (0)
09:29 Cy Vance Is So Sure Encryption Is Pure Evil He Thinks Over-The-Air Software Updates Are Just Encryption Backdoors Apple Won't Tell Him About (34)
06:26 Comcast Says It Will Respond To Cord Cutting In 2020 With...More Price Hikes (46)
03:23 As We Get Closer And Closer To The EU Requiring ContentID Everywhere, More Abuses Of ContentID Exposed (20)


19:39 In 'N Out Burger Continues Its Bullshit Pop-Up Technique To Keep Trademarks It Isn't Actually Using (19)
15:32 Copyright As Censorship: Gun Rights Advocate Gets Video Taken Down With Bogus Copyright Claim (28)
13:35 You Don't Own What You've Bought: Under Armour Smart Hardware Gets Lobotomized (20)
11:58 Law Enforcement's New Facial Recognition Toy Scrapes Photos From Websites, Serves Up 'Matches' In Seconds (24)
10:44 Academic Consensus Growing: Phones And Social Media Aren't Damaging Your Kids (66)
10:39 Daily Deal: UX-App -- Interaction & UI Design Software (2)
09:37 Attorney General Barr's Anti-Encryption Efforts Aren't Supported By Many FBI Officials (29)
06:25 Traditional TV Enters Its Final Death Spiral (45)
03:26 Germany Wants To Limit Memes And Mashups Derived From Press Publishers' Material To 128-by-128 Pixels In Resolution, And Three Seconds In Length (42)


19:46 Researchers Scientifically Create Video Games To Benefit Cognitive Function (12)
15:41 Houston Officer Behind Deadly Botched Raid Hit With Two Felony Murder Indictments (36)
13:36 The Similarities Between The US's Case Against Julian Assange And Brazil's Against Glenn Greenwald Are Uncanny (36)
12:04 DEA, TSA Sued For Stealing 79-Year-Old Man's Life Savings From His Daughter At An Airport (51)
10:44 Report Says Saudi Prince MBS's Whatsapp Account Personally Sent Jeff Bezos Malware Used To Access His Phone (29)
10:39 Daily Deal: Project Management Professional Certification Training Suite (0)
09:39 The FBI Can Get Into The Latest IPhones, So Why Is It Asking Apple To Break Encryption On Older Models? (14)
06:32 After Years Of Scandal And Incompetence, US Telco Frontier Files For Bankruptcy (15)
03:31 Turkish Government Finally Lifts Wikipedia Ban (9)


19:28 Court Sides With Nintendo Over RomUniverse In Atttempt To Dismiss The Former's Lawsuit (121)
15:28 California's Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech Killed Off San Diego's Mostly Useless Biometric Program (6)
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