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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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barbara bauer, liability, section 230, wikipedia



by Mike Masnick

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approval, authority, edits, wikipedia

Too Much Free Time

by Mike Masnick

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first, wikipedia


by Timothy Lee

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boring, prose, wikipedia


by Timothy Lee

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business models, encyclopedias, wikipedia

britannica, wikipedia


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
fair deals, renegotiation, volunteer, wikipedia

bertelsmann, wikipedia

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03:17 Charles Harder Sends Ridiculous Threat Letter To People On Behalf Of Melania Trump (39)


23:49 Digital Republic Bill Uses Crowdsourcing To Promote Data Protection, Net Neutrality And Openness In France (2)
16:06 Judge Tears Apart Law Enforcement's Ridiculous Assertions About 'Suspicious' Behavior (46)
14:36 As Donald Trump Ramps Up Threats To Sue Newspapers, A Reminder Of Why We Need Free Speech Protections (80)
13:12 EFF's Challenge Of NSL Gag Orders Reaches The Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals (7)
11:49 No Matter Who's Elected, Surveillance Powers And Programs Unlikely To Be Scaled Back (49)
10:44 Verizon Wants $1 Billion Discount After Yahoo Scandals, Still Fancies Itself The New Google (15)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Front End Development Bundle (0)
09:34 Who's On (The) Second (Circuit)... And Why Are They Screwing Up Copyright Law? (8)
08:26 US Chamber Of Commerce Complains About People 'Pirating' The Presidential Debate (74)
06:28 Theater Association Boss Reminds Theater Owners, Netflix To Stay In Their Own Lanes (39)
03:29 Obama Promises 'Proportional' Response To Russian Hacking, Ignores That We Started The Fight (58)


23:27 Bangladesh Brings In Nationwide Digital Identity Cards Linking Biometrics To Mobile Phone Numbers (11)
16:40 Study Says Body Cameras Can Reduce Force Usage... But Only If Officers Turn Them On (35)
14:47 Court Says Deleting Browser History To 'Avoid Embarrassment' Isn't Destruction Of Evidence (22)
13:01 A Weekend Full Of The NFL Violating Its Own Social Media Video Content Rules (12)
11:45 Media Bias And The Death Of Intellectual Honesty, Doubling Down (62)
10:44 The State Department Has Taken Over Three Years On A FOIA Request About How Long It Takes To Process FOIA Requests (21)
10:39 Daily Deal: Wi-Fi Hacking And Penetration Testing from Scratch Course (0)
09:40 Still A Bad Idea: Gawker Exploring Lawsuit Against Peter Thiel (9)
08:27 Facebook Wants To Bring Controversial Zero Rated 'Free Basics' Service To The States (27)
06:09 FCC: Comcast Routinely Charges Customers For Hardware, Services Never Ordered (38)
03:10 Antitrust Suit Alleges Pharma Company Rubbished Its Own Product In Order To Stave Off Competition From Generics (26)


23:03 Sanity: MasterCard Loses Absolutely Idiotic Trademark Challenge Against An Athletic Competition (16)
16:30 Technology Brings Peace, Not Peril (16)
14:47 To Combat Dropping Ratings, The NFL Thinks Fining Its Teams For Sharing Video On Social Media Is The Answer (27)
12:58 Techdirt Podcast Episode 94: The Headphone Jack Apocalypse! (5)
12:09 Media, Politics & The Death Of Intellectual Honesty (47)
10:44 Judge Posner Smacks Around Cabbies For Thinking That Cities Allowing Uber Violates Their 'Property Rights' (63)
10:37 Daily Deal: Price Drop Roundup (0)
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