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Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

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barbara bauer, liability, section 230, wikipedia



by Mike Masnick

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approval, authority, edits, wikipedia

Too Much Free Time

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
first, wikipedia


by Timothy Lee

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boring, prose, wikipedia


by Timothy Lee

Filed Under:
business models, encyclopedias, wikipedia

britannica, wikipedia


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
fair deals, renegotiation, volunteer, wikipedia

bertelsmann, wikipedia

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13:00 The Techdirt Podcast: Greatest Hits! (0)
11:56 MacWorld, PCWorld Kill Site Comments Because They 'Value And Welcome Feedback' (41)
10:45 Convicted Felon Ask Google To Delist Multiple Government Websites Because His Name Is Protected By 'Common Law Trademark' (22)
10:43 Daily Deal: G-TUBE Adventure Ready Bluetooth Speaker (0)
09:46 Trump Formally Picks Two Net Neutrality Opponents To Head FCC Transition (84)
08:43 Ridiculous Hot News And Copyright Battles As World Chess Seeks To Block Others From Broadcasting Moves (22)
06:37 Cable's Broadband Monopoly Is Becoming Stronger Than Ever (27)
03:38 Another State Court Says Speedy Fourth Amendment Violations Are Still Just Fourth Amendment Violations (24)


17:13 Theranos's Insane Campaign To Punish Whistleblower, Who Happened To Be Famous Boardmember's Grandson (22)
14:47 Facebook Finds More Broken Metrics, Metrics Industry Rejoices (8)
13:10 Woman Sues Google Because SEO Guy Wrote A Mean Blog About Her Company (38)
11:50 Federal Judge Now Taking A Closer Look At Bogus Libel Lawsuits Filed By Unscrupulous Reputation Management Companies (12)
10:45 State Senator Wants To Turn First Amendment Activity Into 'Economic Terrorism' (104)
10:40 Daily Deal: Last Chance Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Server Infrastructure Bundle (3)
09:34 Burlington Police Insist Someone Is Pretending To Abuse Copyright Law To Censor News Stories About Arrests (26)
08:28 NSA Leaked More Hacking Tools, Leading To Calls To Fire Its Director... Who Ran To Trump For Support (28)
06:25 IRS Demands All Info On All Coinbase Customers (43)
03:24 Russia Orders LinkedIn's Service To Be Blocked, Supposedly For Failing To Store Personal Data Locally (18)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (17)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: A SOPA Retrospective (2)


19:39 President Obama Claims He Cannot Pardon Snowden; He's Wrong (158)
16:43 Trump's Picks For AG & CIA Happy To Undermine Civil Liberties, Increase Surveillance (57)
14:58 Trump's Constant Whining About The NY Times Isn't Just Bad For The First Amendment (76)
13:09 More Thoughts On Trump's Technology And Innovation Policies -- It All Goes Back To Freedom Of Speech (7)
11:45 Germany Wants To Hold Facebook Criminally Liable If It Doesn't Find & Delete 'Hate' Speech (39)
10:43 Be Careful About Turning Image Search Into An Antitrust Complaint (6)
10:41 Daily Deal: CleanMyPC Single License Sorry About That... (23)
09:35 Updated! Massachusetts Police Dept. Files DMCA Takedowns On News Stories Using Mugshots Taken By Police (25)
08:23 Stopping Turnkey Tyranny: What The Obama Administration Can Do About The NSA On The Way Out (31)
06:26 Trump, GOP Prepare To Gut FCC Boss Tom Wheeler's Populist Reforms...Under The False Banner Of Populist Reform (64)
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