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News You Could Do Without

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15:30 Proposed Florida Body Camera Law Riddled With Exceptions At Behest Of Police Union (23)
14:30 This Week In 'The NSA Knows F**king Everything': How It Hacked Most Hard Drives And SIM Cards (91)
13:27 Original Revenge Porn Creator, Hunter Moore, Takes Plea Deal With Justice Department (6)
12:23 Cars Are Delivering Tons Of Driving Data To Manufacturers With Minimal Security And Even Less Transparency (33)
11:23 Former FCC Boss Turned Top Cable Lobbyist Michael Powell Blames Everyone But Himself For Current Net Neutrality Mess (43)
10:22 Lenovo In Denial: Insists There's No Security Problem With Superfish -- Which Is Very, Very Wrong. (67)
09:15 UK Intellectual Property Office Plays Up Imaginary 'Toxic' Claim In Grabbing Food Pretending To Be From Somewhere Else (38)
08:00 Eric Holder Says Putting Reporter James Risen Through Hell Is A Good 'Example' Of DOJ Process For Leak Investigations (18)
06:01 French Minister Thinks Netflix Needs To Pay ISPs A 'Bandwidth Tax' To 'Level The Playing Field' (45)
04:08 If You Care About The Environment In Canada, You May Be Targeted As An 'Anti-Petroleum Extremist' (42)
01:01 Is Arduino Heading Towards The First Open Hardware Fork? (8)


21:01 Judge Tosses 16 Kilos Of Meth Because CBP Couldn't Be Bothered To Obtain Consent For Its X-Ray Search (38)
17:00 DailyDirt: Technology For Lawyers (16)
15:48 State Attorney Won't Reopen Questionable Investigation Unless Questionable Law Enforcement Agencies Provide The Evidence (25)
14:45 Yet Another Report Showing 'Anonymous' Data Not At All Anonymous (15)
13:45 Supreme Court To Tackle LA Law Enforcement's Warrantless Access To Hotel Records (17)
12:41 Despite A Year To Prepare, Wireless Carriers Struggle To Adhere To Weak And Voluntary Cell Phone Unlocking Guidelines (15)
11:31 Nominee For Attorney General Tap Dances Around Senator Franken's Question About Aaron Swartz (69)
10:32 Verizon Makes It Very Clear Its 'Spectrum Crunch' Never Existed (6)
09:31 China To Require Real-Name Registration For Online Services And Bans On Parody Accounts (15)
08:10 Elon Musk Clarifies That Tesla's Patents Really Are Free; Investor Absolutely Freaks Out (95)
06:04 Tulsa University Bans Student From Campus For Someone Else's Facebook Posts (41)
03:59 FBI Claims Drone Impact Assessment That Was Redacted In Full Six Months Ago Suddenly Can't Be Located (21)
00:58 UK Police Forces Have Secret Facial Recognition Database Of 18 Million People, Many Innocent (23)


20:54 Hubris Defined: Dumb Murderer Takes A Selfie With His Dead Victim (15)
17:00 DailyDirt: Science With Lego (10)
15:31 John Oliver Highlights The Ridiculousness Of Corporate Sovereignty Provisions (38)
14:22 While Better Than Expected, New FAA Drone Rules Would Still Kill Some Promising Business Models (13)
13:16 GCHQ Will Have To Start Letting Everyone Know Whether Or Not They've Been Illegally Spied On (17)
12:15 Techdirt Podcast Episode 12: Former CIA Employee Barry Eisler Explains Why You Shouldn't Trust The CIA (9)
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