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13:46 Crime Rates Drop After The City Of Baltimore Decides It's Not Going To Waste Resources Prosecuting Minor Offenses (60)
12:11 MSCHF Settles Upgraded Shoe Dispute With Nike And Promises (Wink, Wink) To Buy Back Satan Shoes (12)
10:48 Howard Dean Is Out Stumping For Big Pharma Patent Protection, No Matter How Many People In Poor Countries Die As A Result (23)
10:43 Daily Deal: Minolta MN673 Mini LCD Projector (0)
09:37 Oracle's Projection: As It Accuses Google Of Snooping On You, It Has Built A Huge Data Operation That It Doesn't Want Regulated (25)
06:23 Wall Street Analysts Say Musk's Starlink Poses No Real Threat To Traditional Broadband (37)


19:52 Game Publishers: If Your DRM, Anti-Cheat Software Does Creepy Installs, Warn Your Customers First (203)
15:39 Filecoin Foundation Donates $10 Million Worth Of Filecoin To Internet Archive (22)
13:37 NYPD Training Document Shows How A Terrorist Response Group Was Weaponized To Attack Protesters (4)
12:05 Republicans Using Incredibly Sketchy And Manipulative 'Dark Patterns' To Dupe People Into Donating Way More Than Intended (68)
10:54 Uninformed Legislators Shoot Down Right To Repair Legislation In Colorado (32)
10:49 Daily Deal: Trio 3-in-1 Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand (0)
09:29 Lawyer Whose Main Claim To Fame Is Suing A News Org To Get It Shut Down, Now Complains About 'Cancel Culture' (98)
04:32 Russia Ramps Up Censorship Beef With Twitter Using Deep Packet Inspection Tech (25)


19:31 TorrentFreak Continues To Get DMCA Takedown Notices Despite Not Hosting Infringing Material (27)
15:48 Content Moderation Case Study: NASA Footage Taken Down By YouTube Moderation (2012) (13)
13:46 Fourth Circuit Appeals Court Takes Aim At Police Officers' 'Training And Expertise' Assertions (18)
12:04 Driven Mad By Its Hatred For Big US Internet Companies, French Government Implements EU Digital Services Act Before It Even Exists (6)
10:48 Documents Show Hundreds Of Cops Have Run Clearview Searches, Often Without Their Employers' Knowledge Or Permission (4)
10:43 Daily Deal: Introduction To UX/UI Design Bundle (0)
09:36 North Carolina State Senators Read Section 230 Completely Backwards, Introduces Laughably Confused Bill In Response (199)
05:25 The Trump DOJ/FCC 'Fix' For The Crappy T-Mobile Merger Isn't Looking So Hot (11)


20:03 Activision Once Again Abuses DMCA To Try To Bury Leak Of New 'CoD' Content (9)
15:52 DC Appeals Court Affirms Sidelining Of Attorney Larry Klayman, Who Attempted To 'Change Sides' In Litigation (11)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 277: Section 230 & The PACT Act (0)
12:07 Another Day, Another Ridiculous NY Times Opinion Piece That Is Confused About Section 230 And Free Speech Online (20)
10:49 Australian Government Proposes Stripping Internet Users Of Their Anonymity (17)
10:44 Daily Deal: Raycon E50 Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds (0)
09:36 UK Politicians Getting Serious About Ending End-To-End Encryption (22)
06:31 Broadband Provider Wide Open West Tries To Justify Unnecessary Broadband Caps Using... Pizza? (18)
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