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03:43 Politicians Start To Push For Autonomous Vehicle Data To Be Protected By Copyright Or Database Rights (34)


19:36 Netflix Reminds Everyone That The Internet Isn't A Broadcast Medium With New Choose Your Own Adventure Shows (32)
15:43 New Bill Tries To Ban Obnoxious Hidden Fees On Broadband, TV (35)
13:33 NY Legislators Introduce Bill That Would Seriously Curb Law Enforcement's Surveillance Collections (9)
11:59 Epic Games Likely DMCA'd Its Own Fortnite Trailer, Showing The Problems With YouTube's DMCA Process Yet Again (7)
10:46 Boeing Accused Of Covert, Coordinated Op-Ed Smear Campaign Against Space X (16)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Podcasting 101 Bundle (1)
09:46 Cool Cool Cool Oversight Office Says It's Incredibly Easy To Hack The Defense Dept.'s Weapons Systems (25)
06:43 34 State AGs Demand The FCC Do More To End Annoying Robocalls (51)
03:38 DHS Investigators Argue The Border Warrant Exception Covers Searches Performed Miles From The Border (66)


19:44 Titleist Goes After Another Parody Golf Gear Company After Settling With The First (4)
15:29 Creative Commons Continues To Try To Help Courts Understand What Its NonCommercial License Means (127)
13:37 New Laws Will Force Transparency On California Law Enforcement Agencies Starting Next Year (22)
12:00 As Everyone Knows, In The Age Of The Internet, Privacy Is Dead -- Which Is Awkward If You Are A Russian Spy (25)
10:42 Texas Cops Seize Anti-GOP Sign From Homeowner's Lawn (131)
10:35 Daily Deal: The Complete Learn to Code Masterclass Bundle (0)
09:30 Facebook, Whose Support Made FOSTA Law, Now Sued For Facilitating Sex Trafficking Under FOSTA (59)
06:24 New Verizon Ad Hopes To Make You Forget It Throttled Firefighters For No Reason (34)
03:26 Government Moves To Seize All Backpage Assets Prior To Securing Convictions (53)


19:42 NHL Team Institutes 'No Video Game' Policy For Players Due To Fortnite 'Addiction' (37)
15:35 Nobel Econ Award Goes To Two Economists Who Have Greatly Shaped My Thinking On Economics Of Innovation (13)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 186: Free Speech & Content Moderation (Panel Discussion) (6)
11:59 California's War On 'Bots' Could Be A Steep Uphill Climb (27)
10:44 Stupid Law Firm Decides To Threaten Something Awful Over Hot-Linked Hitler Picture (40)
10:39 Daily Deal: Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Robot Vacuum (3)
09:10 Thomas Goolnik Gets Google To Forget Our Story About Him Getting Google To Forget Stories About Thomas Goolnik (46)
06:06 Huawei Says U.S. Blacklisting Will Only Raise U.S. Networking Hardware Prices And Delay 5G Deployment (19)
03:06 Federal Court Dumps Another Lawsuit Against Twitter For Contributing To Worldwide Terrorism (24)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (166)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 30th - October 6th (14)
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