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Legal Issues

by Tim Cushing

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congress, foia, transparency


by Tim Cushing

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nsa, odni, surveillance, transparency

Free Speech

by Tim Cushing

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takedowns, terms of service, transparency


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08:31 Keeper Security Reminds Everyone Why You Shouldn't Use It; Doubles Down On Suing Journalist (13)
06:28 Terrified Of Losing In Court, ISPs (With Senator John Kennedy's Help) Push Hard For A Fake Net Neutrality Law (21)
03:23 FBI Director Says It's 'Not Impossible' To Create Compromised Encryption That's Still Secure (83)


19:37 Top Court Throws Out Corporate Sovereignty For All Trade Deals Within EU; Those Involving Other Nations Likely To Suffer Same Fate (42)
15:40 Playboy Decides Not To Appeal Silly Boing Boing Lawsuit In The Most Petulant Manner Possible (21)
13:34 Nevada Supreme Court Overturns Lower Court's Abysmal Ruling On Las Vegas Shooting Coroner's Reports (22)
11:58 Copyright, Censorship, Pepe & Infowars (40)
10:44 FBI Documents Show More Evidence Of Agency's Sketchy Relationship With Best Buy's Geek Squad (66)
10:39 Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company Subscription (0)
09:30 Five Senators Agree: Search Engines Should Censor Drug Information (34)
08:29 More People Realizing That SESTA Will Do A Lot More Harm Than Good (16)
06:24 Cable's Top Lobbyist Again Calls For Hyper Regulation Of Silicon Valley (30)
03:19 Police Union Boss Attacks New DA For Daring To Speak To Police Recruits About Deadly Force (46)


19:38 LAPD Finally Starts Fixing Its Awful Body Camera Policy, But It's Not All Good News (3)
15:28 Middle Schoolers Cheer As Oregon Passes A Net Neutrality Law (21)
13:33 Comcast Protected Browsing Blocks TorrentFreak, Showing Why Site-Blocking Sucks Out Loud Always (43)
12:06 Nobody (Even His Industry BFFs) Likes Ajit Pai's Latest Attack On Low Income Broadband Programs (25)
10:48 Can Someone Explain How SESTA Will Stop Sex Trafficking? (40)
10:43 Daily Deal: The eduCBA Project Management Bundle (0)
09:40 Famous Racist Sues Twitter Claiming It Violates His Civil Rights As A Racist To Be Kicked Off The Platform (106)
08:31 Rhode Island Law Would Mandate Porn Filters, Charge You $20 Per Device To Bypass Them (50)
06:28 Why Is Hollywood Pushing A Totally Bogus Push Poll Trying To Undermine The Internet? (31)
03:23 Project Gutenberg Blocks Access In Germany To All Its Public Domain Books Because Of Local Copyright Claim On 18 Of Them (62)


19:31 CIA Still Arguing Its Official Leaks To Journalists Shouldn't Be Subject To FOIA Requests (24)
15:39 Trump Announces One-Sided Plan To Meet With Video Game Makers Over Gun Violence (62)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 157: The Worst Of Both Worlds - SESTA & FOSTA Together (1)
12:06 Mike Godwin's First Essay On Encryption And The Constitution (16)
10:59 Angry Pick-Up Artist Says He Won't Issue Bogus YouTube Claim On Critic's Video; Issues Bogus Claim On Critic's Video (31)
10:36 Daily Deal: Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone (0)
09:33 The DOJ Now Has The One Of A Kind Wu Tang Album; But Don't Expect Jeff Sessions To Release The Album (9)
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