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by Karl Bode

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ajit pai, net neutrality, transparency

fcc, netflix, verizon


by Glyn Moody

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germany, interviews, leaks, nsa, surveillance, transparency, wikileaks


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09:31 FBI Hides Its Surveillance Techniques From Federal Prosecutors Because It's Afraid They'll Become Defense Lawyers (24)
08:32 House Reps To James Clapper: No, Really, Stop Ignoring The Question And Tell Us How Many Americans Are Spied On By NSA (50)
06:25 Comcast Preventing Customers From Accessing Starz Streaming App, Can Only Offer Flimsy Reasons Why (46)
03:24 DOJ Drops Other Big Case Over iPhone Encryption After Defendant Suddenly Remembers His Passcode (24)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (9)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: April 17th - 23rd (4)
09:00 Awesome Stuff: High-Precision Toys (8)


19:39 Court: Border Search Warrant Exception Beats Riley In The 'Constitution-Free Zone' (55)
18:17 Lawsuit Filed Over PACER Fees (2)
17:00 DailyDirt: You Gotta Show Some Flex (1)
15:37 Court Says Government Needs More Than The Permission Of A Couple Of Underperforming Drug Dogs To Justify Seizure Of $276,000 (42)
14:11 Just After EU Goes After Google For Antitrust, Microsoft Agrees To Drop All Antitrust Complaints About Google (8)
12:45 New Strategy For Pro-Clinton SuperPAC: Argue With Everyone On Social Media (70)
11:42 Court Says National Security Letters Are Now Constitutional Under USA Freedom Act (25)
10:38 Expanding Unconstitutional Backdoor Searches Of Surveillance Data Is Easy: Just Change What Words Mean (20)
10:33 Daily Deal: Pluralsight 1 Year Plus Subscription (0)
09:29 FISA Court Rejects Arguments By First Public Advocate To Argue NSA PRISM Backdoor Searches Are Unconstitutional (21)
08:32 Reporter Makes FOIA Request For Obama's Game Of Thrones Screeners (17)
06:32 FBI Allegedly Paid More Than $1 Million To Get Into Encrypted iPhone... And To Avoid Setting Legal Precedent It Didn't Like (40)
03:28 New Zealand Government Trying To Streamroller TPP Through Ratification Without Proper Scrutiny Or Public Input (18)


23:23 Ex-Game Maker Atari To Argue To The US PTO That Only It Can Make 'Haunted House' Games (31)
17:00 DailyDirt: Old, Old Wine, Goes To My Head... (6)
15:33 Encryption Is Contagious: Viber Launching End To End Encryption (10)
14:03 UC Davis 'Apologizes' For The Reputation Management Industry's Hyperbole And Your Misunderstanding (46)
12:50 Techdirt Reading List: Moral Panics And The Copyright Wars (18)
11:39 Judge Says FBI's Hacking Tool Deployed In Child Porn Investigation Is An Illegal Search (25)
10:39 Guy Argues That Anti-Ad Blocker Systems Violate EU Privacy Laws (22)
10:34 Daily Deal: VPNGhost (7)
09:21 DHS Claims Open Source Software Is Like Giving The Mafia A Copy Of FBI Code; Hastily Walks Back Statement (25)
08:24 News Corp. Claims Google News Is An Antitrust Violation In Europe (46)
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