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10:40 Daily Deal: The 2021 All-In-One AWS, Cisco And CompTIA Super Bundle (1)
09:38 Cryptocurrency Giant Binance Sues Forbes, Driving New Attention To Article About Binance's Corporate Structuring (8)
06:30 Ajit Pai's FCC Does Something Good, Frees Wireless Spectrum The Auto Industry Had Done Little With (21)
03:24 Kentucky Judges Reject Proposal For More Warrant Approval Transparency (15)


19:55 Mine, Mine, Mine! Nintendo Neuters The Cool Ways People, Groups Are Using 'Animal Crossing' (30)
15:07 Another Drug Lab Scandal -- One That Took Kids From Their Parents -- Ends In Prison Time (14)
12:08 Will Parler Users Treat Its 'Glitch' That Hid Georgia Election Content The Same Way They Treated A Twitter Glitch? (153)
10:50 FBI Asks To Perform An Intrusive Search Of A Phone For Evidence It Doesn't Need From A Device That Probably Doesn't Belong To The Suspect (20)
10:45 Daily Deal: The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Bundle (0)
09:34 Inconceivable: TikToker Who Made Paint Mixing Very, Very Cool... Is Fired From Sherwin-Williams For Doing So (32)
06:34 Comcast Expands Its Bullshit Usage Caps...In The Middle Of A Pandemic (35)
03:36 Seattle PD Detective Took Clearview Facial Recognition Tech For A Spin, Possibly Violating Local Laws (12)


20:25 Despite Not Finding Drugs Nearly 95 Percent Of The Time, Judges Keep Approving Drug Warrants For Chicago Cops (31)
15:35 Portland, Maine Passes Facial Recognition Ban That Says The City Can Fire Employees For Violating It (13)
13:38 Senator Tillis Plans Major Copyright Overhaul: Recognizes Legit Problems, But Current Solutions Are Lacking (75)
11:59 Florida Sheriff's Pre-Crime Software Says D-Students And Victims Of Domestic Violence Are Potential Criminals (47)
10:51 Ridiculous: 'Cyberpunk 2077' Will Ship With A Mode Just To Help Streamers Avoid DMCA Notices (50)
10:46 Daily Deal: Babbel Language Learning (0)
09:25 FBI Turns A Man With Mental Health Issues Into A 'Terrorist,' Busts Him For Using The Internet (23)
06:30 Research Shows iOS Covid Apps Are A Privacy Mess (9)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (2)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 15th - 21st (1)


19:39 Microsoft: Bethesda Games Will Be 'First, Best' On Xbox, PC (20)
15:41 Content Moderation Case Study: Facebook Attracts International Attention When It Removes A Historic Vietnam War Photo Posted By The Editor-in-Chief Of Norway's Biggest Newspaper (2016) (32)
13:30 Government Argues In Court That It Can Kill US Citizens At Will With Zero Judicial Oversight (59)
11:59 Bad Analogy: Comparing Social Media To Guns (113)
10:49 US Military Is Buying Location Data From Data Brokers, Including Data Pulled From US App Users (7)
10:43 Daily Deal: The Professional Video And Audio Production Bundle (0)
09:27 White House Offers To Allow Renaming Confederate Bases... In Exchange For Getting Rid Of Section 230 (51)
06:32 More Evidence FCC Claims That Killing Net Neutrality Would Boost Broadband Investment Were Bullshit (15)
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