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by Timothy Geigner

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by Timothy Geigner

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13:02 Techdirt Reading List: Wired Shut: Copyright And The Shape Of Digital Culture (0)
11:47 PayPal Stops A Payment Just Because The Payee's Memo Included The Word 'Cuba' (52)
10:47 Allegations Of Dysfunction Continue To Plague FirstNet, Our $47 Billion (And Growing) National Emergency Network (21)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Big Data Bundle (0)
09:36 DirecTV Faces RICO Class Action For Bungling Business Installs, Then Demanding $15,000 For Theft Of Service (19)
08:36 Remember Claims That Cord Cutting Was On The Ropes? It's Actually Worse Than Ever (36)
06:33 Think Tank Argues That Giving Up Privacy Is Good For The Poor (45)
03:36 Canadian Law Enforcement Admit -- And Then Deny -- They Own A Stingray Device (12)


23:30 Canadian Court Says No Expectation Of Privacy In SMS Messages Residing On Someone Else's Phone (7)
16:20 NPR The Latest Website To Prevent You From Commenting Because It Simply Adores 'Relationships' And 'Conversation' (79)
14:42 Enigma Software Countersued For Waging A 'Smear Campaign' Against Site It Claimed Defamed It (9)
13:08 Former UC Davis Chancellor Katehi Way More Obsessed With Her Online Reputation Than Initially Thought (20)
11:47 Pentagon Issues First Update To Domestic Surveillance Guidelines In 35 Years, Not All Of It Good (9)
10:50 News Sites Realizing That Relying On Facebook For Traffic Might Not Have Been Wise (43)
10:45 Daily Deal: White Hat Hacker Bundle (0)
09:48 Donald Trump Says He'll Turn Off The Internet For Terrorists (99)
08:48 Nintendo Shuts Down Fan Remake Of 25 Year Old Metroid 2 Game Because It Can't Help Itself (42)
06:50 Comcast Fancies Itself The Tesla Of Cable (33)
03:43 Citigroup Gets First Loss In Trademark Suit Against AT&T For Saying 'Thanks' (18)


23:37 Who Should Get The Benefits When You Donate Your DNA For Research? (12)
16:22 Google Fiber Hasn't Hit A 'Snag,' It's Just Evolving (25)
14:32 Federal Judge Says Real-Time Cell Location Info -- Whether Obtained With A Stingray Or Not -- Requires The Use Of A Warrant (7)
13:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 86: Have Platforms Killed The Open Internet By Replacing Protocols? (7)
11:44 Dallas PD Asks Attorney General For Permission To Withhold 'Embarrassing' Documents About Its Bomb Robot (31)
10:42 Ed Snowden Explains Why Hackers Published NSA's Hacking Tools (14)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Perfect Python Programming Bundle (0)
09:37 Billionaire Backer Of Palantir & Facebook Insists He's Bankrupting Journalists To Protect Your Privacy (43)
08:30 Disappointing: LinkedIn Abusing CFAA & DMCA To Sue Scraping Bots (8)
06:31 Broadband Industry Think Tank Claims Comcast Plan To Charge More For Privacy 'Pro Consumer' (34)
03:28 University Tracks Students' Movements Using WiFi, But Says It's OK Because It's Not Tracking Students (36)
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