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03:23 Federal Court Says ICE Can No Longer Enter New York Courthouses Just To Arrest Alleged Undocumented Immigrants (43)


19:49 'The Sims' Becomes An Outlet For Would-Be Protesters Who Cannot Attend Protests (17)
15:44 Profiteering Off Publicly Funded COVID Treatments (31)
13:33 Anti-SLAPP Law Turns Bogus Defamation Lawsuit Into A $26,500 Legal Bill For The Plaintiff (15)
12:11 Content Moderation At Scale Is Impossible: Facebook Kicks Off Anti-Racist Skinheads/Musicians While Trying To Block Racists (30)
10:44 AT&T Says Being Misleading About 'Unlimited' Data Plans Was Ok, Because Reporters Told Consumers It Was Being Misleading (10)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Comprehensive Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 16 Bundle (1)
09:39 Copyright Gets In The Way Of Chef Andres' 'Recipes For The People'; Because The DMCA Takedown System Is Still Broken (44)
06:17 FCC's O'Rielly Musters A Tiny Bit Of Courage To Almost Acknowledge Trump's Executive Order Is Unenforceable Gibberish (13)
03:10 Privacy Concerns Lead To Deletion Of All Data Collected By Norway's Contact Tracing App (7)


19:19 Nintendo Cryptically Points Out That Selling 'Animal Crossing' Assets For Real Money Violates ToS (30)
15:30 Trust & Safety Professional Association Launches: This Is Important (16)
13:43 Justice Department Releases Its Own Preposterous Recommendations On Updating Section 230 (68)
12:00 Why Using Cellphones To Trace The Pandemic Won't Save Black Lives (12)
10:49 Report Says CIA's Hacking Unit -- Home To The Vault 7 Exploits -- Deployed Almost No Internal Security Measures (28)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Software Developer Certification Bundle (0)
09:35 Senator Hawley's Section 230 Reform Even Dumber Than We Expected; Would Launch A Ton Of Vexatious Lawsuits (83)
06:27 T-Mobile Merger 'Synergies' Culminate In Massive 12 Hour Nationwide Outage (37)
03:23 Trump's 'Safe Policing' Executive Order Does Nothing To Address The Root Causes Of Police Misconduct (57)


23:07 WWE Lawyers DMCA Tweet With Video Of Independent Wrestling Event, Probably Over A Hashtag That Promotes WWE (25)
18:03 Minneapolis City Council Votes Unanimously To Disband Its Police Department (69)
14:56 No, Google Didn't Demonetize The Federalist & It's Not An Example Of Anti-Conservative Bias (29)
13:39 Cars, Guns, Cider, And Snapchat Don't Cause Crime (23)
12:05 Senator Thom Tillis Seems Really Pissed Off That The Internet Archive Bought A Record Store To Make Rare Recordings Accessible (23)
10:52 Senator Hawley's Latest Dumb Anti-230 Plan Would Wipe Out The President's Advantage On Facebook (21)
10:47 Daily Deal: MindMaster Mind Mapping Software (0)
09:36 Tradeoffs: Facebook Helping The FBI Hack Tails To Track Down A Truly Awful Child Predator Raises Many Questions (21)
06:30 eBay Execs Thought Sending Dead Pigs, Live Spiders To Small News Website Was A Good Idea (26)
03:26 Congressional Reps Demand Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Stop Surveilling Protesters (32)


19:33 Australia Triumphs Definitively In Long-Running Battle With Big Tobacco Over Plain Packs For Cigarettes (44)
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