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15:43 History Repeats Itself: Twitter Launches Illegal SF Street Stencil Campaign Just As IBM DId Decades Ago (16)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 225: Does Dynamic Pricing Deserve The Hate? (11)
11:58 You'd Think The FBI Would Be More Sensitive To Protecting Encrypted Communications Now That We Know The Russians Cracked The FBI's Comms (37)
10:45 Hotel Owner Files Libel Suit Against Reviewer For Calling Nazis Nazis, Gets Support From Austrian Court (55)
10:40 Daliy Deal: How To Start A Podcast Bundle Feat. Award-Winning Podcast Producers (0)
09:39 Does The Public Care About Tech Backlash? And Does That Matter? (16)
06:49 House Intelligence Committee: Intelligence Community Is Burying A Whistleblower Complaint That May Involve Wrongdoing By The White House (61)
03:45 Colorado Town Offers 1 Gbps For $60 After Years Of Battling Comcast (36)


20:12 Nintendo's ROM Site War Continues With Huge Lawsuit Against Site Despite Not Sending DMCA Notices (75)
15:27 The MoviePass Mess Has Finally Come To An End (11)
13:30 USPTO Drops Its Demands For Applicants' Green Cards (7)
12:03 Billy Mitchell Threatens To Sue The Guinness World Record Folks For Removing His Records (27)
10:44 Ninth Circuit Upholds Its Previous Declaration That Cops Stealing Your Stuff Doesn't Violate The Constitution (73)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Complete Web And Mobile Developer Bundle (0)
09:34 Rep. Ro Khanna To Introduce Bill To Study Impact Of FOSTA On Sex Workers (36)
06:30 Some Investors Are Fed Up With AT&T's Costly Obsession With Merger Mania (19)
03:23 New Mexico City Starts Crowdfunding Effort To Pay For Its Stupid Defense Of Constitutional Violations (122)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (15)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 8th - 14th (19)


19:39 Liverpool FC Fans Plan Protest Of Their Own Club Over Trademark Issue (19)
15:37 Denmark Releases 32 Prisoners Convicted Because Of Flawed Mobile Phone Tracking Data (19)
13:39 Ninth Circuit Reverses Course While Quoting Its Own Precedent Saying Otherwise; Says Section 230 Doesn't Cover Anti-Competitive Moderation (52)
12:01 After Being Sued, Mississippi Rewrites Its Unconstitutional Ban On The Use Of Meat Words By Vegan Food Producers (39)
10:45 Content Moderation Is Impossible: Facebook Settles Legal Fight Over Famous Painting Of A Woman's Genitals (23)
10:41 Daily Deal: Retro Bluetooth Speaker (0)
09:38 High-Level DOJ Official Latest Gov't Employee To Be Caught Watching Porn While On The Clock (32)
06:49 Twitter Stands Up For Devin Nunes' Parody Accounts: Won't Reveal Who's Behind Them (23)
03:45 Comcast Sues Maine For Demanding It Sell TV Channels À La Carte (29)


19:37 THE Ohio State University Loses Its Trademark Application For 'THE' (11)
15:30 Encryption Working Group Releases Paper To 'Move The Conversation Forward' (27)
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