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15:29 Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter Freezes Accounts Trying To Fact Check Misinformation (2020) (15)
13:37 Busting Still More Myths About Section 230, For You And The FCC (2)
12:12 California Cities Voting On Ridiculous Resolution Asking Congress For Section 230 Reform... Because Of Violence At Protests? (40)
10:51 USPS Regrets Its Transparency, Asks FOIA Requester To Remove 1,200 Pages It Forgot To Withhold (8)
10:45 Daily Deal: Postoplan Social Media Automation (1)
09:33 China Calls TikTok Deal 'Extortion'; Says It Will Not Approve (14)
06:03 AT&T Whines That The T-Mobile Merger Consolidated Too Much U.S. Spectrum In One Place (5)
02:59 Trump Still Hates The 1st Amendment: Meeting With State Attorneys General To Tell Them To Investigate Internet Companies For Bias (31)


19:46 How To Nuke Your Reputation: The Nikola Edition (17)
15:32 Senator Lindsey Graham Must Be Desperate For Donations; Announces Terrible Bill That Mashes Up Bad 230 Reform With Bad Copyright Reform (15)
13:32 Techdirt Podcast Episode 256: Little Brother vs. Big Audiobook, With Cory Doctorow (1)
12:29 Court Rejects Clearview's First Amendment, Section 230 Immunity Arguments (7)
11:15 This Week Only: Free Shipping On Techdirt Gear From Threadless (2)
10:44 Authors Of CDA 230 Do Some Serious 230 Mythbusting In Response To Comments Submitted To The FCC (36)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Complete Developer Bootcamp (0)
09:27 Blowback Time: China Says TikTok Deal Is A Model For How It Should Deal With US Companies In China (40)
06:22 DOJ Continues Its Quest To Kill Net Neutrality (And Consumer Protection In General) In California (11)
03:22 DOJ Releases Its List Of 'Anarchy' Jurisdictions The President Thinks Should Be Blocked From Receiving Federal Funds (65)


19:54 Fourth Circuit Appeals Court Seems Skeptical That Baltimore's Aerial Surveillance System Violates The Fourth Amendment (6)
15:36 Portland Passes Ban On Facial Recognition Use By City Agencies And Private Businesses (16)
13:29 It's September 21st And Demi Abejuyigbe Has Another Great September 21st Video For Charity, Marred By Copyright Takedowns (8)
12:05 Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Saying That The US Cannot Block WeChat, Says The Ban Raises 1st Amendment Concerns (20)
10:46 Trump's Campaign Is Engaged In Lawsuits All Over The Country To Try To Make Safe Voting More Difficult (93)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Electrical And Circuits Engineering Bundle (0)
09:39 The TikTok 'Deal' Was A Grift From The Start: Accomplishes None Of The Stated Goals; Just Helps Trump & Friends (42)
06:25 Experts Say Internet Shutdowns Don't Thwart Protests (11)


12:50 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (7)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 13th - 19th (3)


19:39 Ubisoft Bows To Monster Energy To Rename An Upcoming Game Horribly (36)
15:40 Content Moderation Case Study: Usenet Has To Figure Out How To Deal With Spam (April 1994) (15)
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