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10:51 Canadian Man Arrested For Not Being A Terrorist (28)
10:46 Daily Deal: FlexClip Online Video Maker (0)
09:35 I See This Stupid New Section 230 Bill, And I Say It's A Stupid Section 230 Bill (19)
06:31 The EU Makes It Clear That 'Zero Rating' Violates Net Neutrality (4)
03:31 Germany Drops Idea Of 'Pre-Flagging' Legal Uploads, Which Could Have Stopped EU Copyright Filters Blocking Memes, Parodies, Quotes And Creative Commons Material (13)


19:36 Bill Murray Responds To Doobie Bros. Copyright Letter With Snark, No Offer To Pay For Use Of Song (23)
15:41 Appeals Court Says ICE Detainees Should Be Able To See A Judge In 48 Hours, Just Like Criminal Suspects (10)
13:40 Techdirt Podcast Episode 257: Making A Better Internet (0)
11:59 Our Latest Techdirt Gear: I Paid More For This T-Shirt Than Trump Paid In Taxes (14)
10:51 Hypocrite FCC Commissioner Cheers On Zoom Block Usage By Person He Disagrees With; While Insisting Social Media Shouldn't Block People (24)
10:46 Daily Deal: The Complete Ruby on Rails 6 Bootcamp Bundle (0)
09:32 The Social Dilemma Manipulates You With Misinformation As It Tries To Warn You Of Manipulation By Misinformation (28)
06:25 Report Notes Musk's Starlink Won't Have The Capacity To Truly Disrupt U.S. Telecom (45)
03:28 Inspector General's Report Confirms CBP Contractor Was Hacked, Resulting In Sensitive Info Making Its Way To The Dark Web (7)


20:23 BrewDog's 'Elvis Juice' Now An Approved Trademark In The UK, But Not the EU (7)
15:35 Smart Locks Could Make Heartless COVID Evictions More Efficient (8)
13:33 DHS Probably Didn't Clone Phones To Intercept Protesters' Communications (33)
12:05 Judge Rejected Ban On TikTok Because Trump's DOJ Can't Show Any Real National Security Threat (13)
10:50 Facebook Sued For Not Preventing A Bunch A White Guys With Guns From Traveling To A Protest To Shoot People (27)
10:45 Daily Deal: RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger (0)
09:31 Court Says Trump's Plan To Block TikTok Can't Go Into Effect Yet (17)
05:57 Cord Cutting Has Utterly Exploded During the Covid Crisis (79)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (18)


12:30 This Week In Techdirt History: September 20th - 26th (4)


19:39 TikTok And The DOJ Still Fighting It Out In Court Despite Oracle 'Deal' (10)
15:30 Content Moderation Case Study: Twitter's Algorithm Misidentifies Harmless Tweet As 'Sensitive Content' (April 2018) (19)
13:42 China Blocks Wikimedia From WIPO... Because There's A Taiwanese Wikimedia Chapter (19)
12:05 How To Be Funny And Not A Jerk In A Cease And Desist Notice, From The Doobie Brothers (17)
10:54 ICE Is Hauling In More Data Than Ever And Palantir Is Helping It Turn Data Into Detainments (25)
10:49 Daily Deal: The All-In-One Mastering Organization Bundle (0)
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