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by Mike Masnick

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insurance companies, license plates, privacy, sharing



by Glyn Moody

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new zealand, sharing, three strikes

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10:50 Absent Facts To Support Repealing Net Neutrality, Ajit Pai Wildly Attacking Hollywood Tweeters (49)
10:45 Daily Deal: TRNDlabs Spectre Drone (0)
09:43 Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Cell Site Location Info Case (17)
06:36 As Net Neutrality Repeal Nears, Comcast's Promise To Avoid 'Paid Prioritization' Disappears (144)
03:39 No Shit: Groundbreaking Study Shows That Giving People 12% Of The Video Content They Want Doesn't Magically Stop Piracy (46)


20:15 Drug Dog Testing Process Eliminates Handler Bias. Unsurprisingly, Cops Don't Like it. (34)
15:32 Chicago Considers Another Dumb 'Texting And Walking' Law To Raise Revenue (41)
13:35 Government Exposes Documents Detailing Sensitive NSA Software, Surveillance Programs (7)
12:00 Everything That's Wrong With Social Media And Big Internet Companies: Part 1 (40)
10:44 Mark Cuban Still Has Absolutely No Idea How Net Neutrality Works (63)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Complete Machine Learning Bundle (0)
09:33 Maine Government Agency Tries To Charge Public Records Requester $750 For Opening A PDF (17)
06:45 The FCC's Attack On Net Neutrality Is Based Entirely On Debunked Lobbyist Garbage Data (78)
03:44 Oklahoma Looks To Clamp Down On Uninsured Driving With Traffic Cams And Perverse Incentives (55)


19:45 Activision Considering An Opposition To Trademark For Dog-Curbing Company 'Call Of Doodee' (11)
15:46 Court Says Cop's Theft Of Evidence Shouldn't Have Any Effect On Man's 15-Year Drug Sentence (63)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 145: Tom Wheeler Reacts To Trump's FCC (7)
12:08 Judge Backs AT&T, Comcast Nuisance Suit Against Google Fiber In Nashville (26)
10:43 Uber Waymo Trial Delayed After Justice Department Jumps In, Unprompted, To Tell Judge That Uber Was Withholding Evidence (19)
10:37 Daily Deal: FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Price Drop (0)
09:34 How Patents Have Contributed To The Opioid Crisis (43)
06:24 Comcast Spent Millions Repealing Net Neutrality, Now Wants You To Believe It Won't Take Full, Brutal Advantage (85)
03:23 Vulnerability Equities Process Gets A Facelift From The New Administration (3)


19:50 Yet Another Legal Action By Dogged Privacy Activist Brings Good News And Bad News For Facebook In EU's Highest Court (9)
15:37 Wu-Tang Clan's RZA Opposes Trademark Application For Dog-Walking Company Called Woof-Tang Clan (17)
13:33 Sheriff Says He Won't Deploy Body Cameras Because He Doesn't Want His Deputies Criticized (46)
11:59 Treasury Department Report Shows ComputerCOP Used Bogus Endorsement Letter To Get Police To Distribute Keylogger (26)
10:43 FBI Leaves It To Journalists To Notify US Government Targets Of Russian Hacking (23)
10:39 Daily Deal: Virtual Training Company (0)
09:31 Ajit Pai's Big Lie (251)
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