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12:10 Arizona's $24-Million Prison Management Software Is Keeping People Locked Up Past The End Of Their Sentences (21)
10:42 Attacks On Internet Free Speech In Malaysia And Indonesia Demonstrate Why Section 230 Is So Important (13)
10:37 Daily Deal: BitDegree Academy AWS Online Courses And Practice Exams (1)
09:37 Facebook Caves To Australia: Will Restore Links After Government Gives It More Time To Negotiate Paying For News Links (44)
06:56 John Deere Promised To Back Off Monopolizing Repair. It Then Ignored That Promise Completely. (17)
03:58 Law Enforcement, Social Media Users Turn An Act Of Kindness Into A Human Trafficking Investigation (39)


19:50 Apple Settles Trademark Opposition With PrePear Recipe App After The Latter Makes A Barely Perceptible Change In Logo (15)
15:42 What Landing On Mars Again Can Teach Us, Again (4)
13:33 Court Tosses Devin Nunes' Silly SLAPP Lawsuit Against CNN (19)
12:04 LAPD Asked Ring Users To Turn Over Footage Of Anti-Police Brutality Protests (14)
10:44 Australian News Sites Shocked & Upset To Learn They Don't Need To Rely On Facebook For Traffic! (50)
10:39 Daily Deal: HyperGear Quake Wireless Speaker with Built-in Power Bank (1)
09:35 Karma: Twitch Replaces Live Metallica Concert With 8-Bit Music To Avoid Copyright Madness (33)
04:58 'Net Neutrality Hurt Internet Infrastructure Investment' Is The Bad Faith Lie That Simply Won't Die (11)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (15)


13:00 Game Jam Winner Spotlight: The Great Gatsby Tabletop Roleplaying Game (10)


19:39 FyreTV Porn Service Asks 11th Circuit Panel To Resurrect Dumb Trademark Suit Against Amazon Over FireTV (4)
16:32 Reminder: Just A Few Days Left Before Our '230 Matters' Conversation With Section 230 Authors Ron Wyden & Chris Cox (1)
15:46 Content Moderation Case Study: Senator Asks YouTube To Block Al Qaeda Videos (2008) (0)
13:34 How Oregon's Top Wildlife Official Got Sued Over His State's Hunting App (6)
12:08 FCC Pressured To Let Libraries Bridge Broadband Access During The Pandemic (4)
10:52 North Dakota's New Anti-230 Bill Would Let Nazis Sue You For Reporting Their Content To Twitter (57)
10:47 Daily Deal: The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle (0)
09:33 Oxford University Study Shows Small Correlation Between Playing Video Games And 'Well Being' (17)
06:27 New Bill Tries To Ban Community Broadband. During A Pandemic. (23)


19:38 Peloton Seeks To Invalidate 'Spinning' Trademark Held By Trademark Bully (29)
15:30 A Teenaged Tech CEO Tries To Sneak In After Curfew And Finds His Mom Waited Up For Him (21)
13:41 Indian Government Requires Educational Establishments To Obtain Its Approval For The Subject Matter And Participants Of International Online Conferences And Seminars (9)
12:07 Appeals Court Says Handing Out A Free Sample Of Drugs Isn't A 'Conspiracy' (5)
10:45 Is Section 230 Just For Start-ups? History Says Nope (2)
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