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19:23 Japanese Academics Issue The Tamest 'Emergency' Statement Over Proposed Copyright Amendment (40)
15:55 Google Fesses Up To Hidden Microphone In Nest Home Security Platform (22)
13:37 Facebook Ups Surveillance Of Users To Keep Tabs On People Who Don't Like Facebook (38)
12:01 One Person's Unsettling Experience With A $20k Higbee Copyright Troll Demand Letter (74)
10:44 Catholic School Teen's Lawyers File $250M Defamation Suit Against The Washington Post; Fail To List Any Actual Defamation (240)
10:39 Daily Deal: The DevOps Training Master Class Bundle (0)
09:25 Teen Musician Turns Down $3 Million Record Deal: No Need For A Label Thanks To The Internet (92)
06:24 Industry Claims That Cord Cutting Would Be A Fad Aren't Looking So Hot (97)
03:23 Another California Court Rules Against Law Enforcement Secrecy, Says Agencies Must Release Old Misconduct Files (15)


19:53 The Latest In Trademark Abuse Is Registering Marks To Obtain Ownership Of Instagram Accounts (18)
15:43 One Of The People Suing Fortnite Over 'Stolen' Dance Steps Gets His Dance Rejected By The US Copyright Office (28)
13:30 California Sheriff's Dept. Tells Journalists It Will Cost $350,000 To Process 48 Use Of Force Cases [Updated] (20)
12:00 A Conversation With EU Parliament Member Marietje Schaake About Digital Platforms And Regulation, Part II (11)
10:43 Deputies Sued After False ALPR Hit Leads To Guns-Out Traffic Stop Of California Privacy Activist (105)
10:38 Daily Deal: TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones (0)
09:21 Justice Thomas Is Apparently Serious About Completely Upturning Over 50 Years Of 1st Amendment Law (146)
06:24 Sprint, T-Mobile Execs Continue To Hallucinate Competitors In Their Post-Merger Dreamscape (24)
03:23 As EU Politicians Insist That It's All Just 'Bots' And 'Astroturf' Tons Of People Showing Up In Real Life To Protest (72)


19:44 David Assman Invalidates Canadian Government's Reason For Refusing Him His Name-Based Vanity License Plate (35)
15:33 Fatal Houston PD Drug Raid Apparently Predicated On Drugs A Cop Had Stashed In His Car (79)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 200: The (Big?) Business Of Podcasting (3)
12:04 A Conversation With EU Parliament Member Marietje Schaake About Digital Platforms And Regulation, Part I (18)
10:44 FOSTA Co-Sponsor Richard Blumenthal Tells Court FOSTA Didn't Change CDA 230 & That It Was Written To Violate 1st Amendment (49)
10:39 Daily Deal: Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:08 German Politician Thinks Gmail Constituent Messages Are All Faked By Google (54)
06:07 United States Gifted With 33rd National Emergency By President Who Says It's Not Really An Emergency (201)
03:04 EU Commission Decides To Mock The Public; Insists Fears About EU Copyright Directive Are All Myths (99)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (16)


12:00 Gaming Like It's 1923: Winners Coming Soon! (9)


19:39 Wrestler Booker T Sues Activision For Copyright Infringement Over Fairly Generic Character Depiction (23)
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