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by Glyn Moody

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cressida dick, foia, government, secrecy, uk


by Mike Masnick

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intellectual property, japan, secrecy, tpp, transparency


by Glyn Moody

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burner, privacy, secrecy, unlisted

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06:26 In His Final Days, Obama Quietly Expands War Powers Before Handing Them Off To Trump (94)
03:24 Russia Draws On Chinese Expertise And Technology To Clamp Down On Internet Users Even More (10)


17:17 Your Earbuds Can Be Made Into Microphones With Just A Bit Of Malware (73)
14:45 Following Public Records Request, State Legislature Votes To Make Government Contracts Secret (25)
13:12 Cameroonian Government Calls Social Media A 'New Form Of Terrorism' (30)
11:53 Referring To Your Unenforced Trademark As A 'Lottery Ticket' Is A Great Way To End Up With Nothing (10)
10:45 AT&T Just Showed Us What The Death Of Net Neutrality Is Going To Look Like (32)
10:39 Daily Deal: SKEYE Nano 2 First-Person View Drone (2)
09:37 FBI's NIT Hit 8,000 Computers In 120 Countries... As Did The Child Porn It Was Redistributing (32)
08:34 Manhattan DA Cy Vance Wraps Up 2016 With Another Call For Gov't-Mandated Encryption Backdoors (21)
06:31 Comcast Takes Heat For Injecting Messages Into Internet Traffic (67)
03:25 Senior Brazilian Court Says 'Right To Be Forgotten' Cannot Be Imposed On Search Engines (10)


17:15 Prince Estate Sues Tidal, The Streaming Service That's Kind To Artists, For Copyright Infringement (17)
14:40 Albuquerque Police Officers, Supervisors Accused Of Deleting, Altering Video Of Use Of Force Incidents (33)
12:56 Jayme Gordon Guilty On All 4 Counts Of Wire Fraud In Scheme To Sue Dreamworks For Copyright Infringement (21)
11:48 San Francisco MTA Forced To Give Free Rides After Network Infected With Ransomware (17)
11:47 Daily Deal: Cyber Monday Deals (0)
10:44 Paul Levy Discovers Head Of Reputation Management Company Signed Off On Forged/Fraudulent Court Docs (14)
09:37 Media Critic Calls On Journalists To Be Obedient Stenographers (56)
08:26 Somehow Everyone Comes Out Looking Terrible In The Effort For Election Recounts (177)
06:21 Trump Telecom Advisor Doesn't Think Broadband Monopolies Are Real, Wants To Dismantle The FCC (47)
03:23 Senators Not Impressed By DOJ's Answers On Rule 41 Changes (21)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (5)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: November 20th - 26th (3)
11:00 Daily Deal Extra: More Black Friday Deals From Around The Web (4)
10:30 Daily Deal: Black Friday Price Drops And Discounts (2)


19:39 Facebook, China, Fake News And The Slippery Slope Of Censorship (34)
17:02 Homeland Security Issues 'Strategic Principles' For Securing The Internet Of Broken Things (34)
14:53 Electronic Arts Unveils New Policy For Marking YouTube Videos As 'Supported' Or 'Advertisement' (9)
12:59 Bill Introduced To Push Back Approval Of DOJ's Proposed Rule 41 Changes (23)
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