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03:08 After Five-Year Legal Battle, Top Judges Rule That The UK's Spying Activities Can Be Challenged In Ordinary Courts (13)


19:15 Disney Wins 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Copyright Suit As Court Declares You Cannot Copyright Pirate Life (58)
15:44 The Subtle Economics Of Private World Of Warcraft Servers: Anarchy, Order And Who Gets The Loot (8)
13:41 City Of San Francisco Bans Use Of Facial Recognition Tech By Government Agencies (30)
12:27 Judge Alsup Slams Patent Troll For Basically Everything (54)
10:44 Governments And Internet Companies Agree On Questionable Voluntary Pact On Extremist Content Online (21)
10:38 Daily Deal: True Wireless Fitness Bluetooth Headphones (2)
09:35 White House Sets Up Echo Chamber For Complaints About Social Media Bias Against Conservatives (224)
06:23 Consensus Quietly Builds That 5G Was Overhyped, Rushed To Market (22)
03:22 FBI Tells The Governor Of Florida About Election Hacking, But Says He Can't Tell Anyone Else (24)


19:49 DC Legislators Push FOIA Amendment That Would Shield Government Emails From FOIA Requesters [UPDATE] (27)
15:28 Section 230 Keeps The Internet Open For Innovation (141)
13:35 Disney Takes Full Control Of Hulu, Ending Years Of Managerial Schizophrenia (22)
11:54 The Press Finally Realizing Jerry Nadler Is In Bed With The RIAA While In Charge Of Copyright Reform (20)
10:42 Canadian Border Agents Also Routinely Demanding Passwords From Travelers And Searching Their Devices (28)
10:37 Daily Deal: SCOUT Wireless 5,000mAh Portable Charger (1)
09:27 Copyright As Censorship: American Law Institute Uses Copyright To Stop Discussion Of Controversial Publication Prior To Vote (43)
06:32 Pai FCC 'Solution' To Nation's Great Robocall Apocalypse? More Meetings (46)
03:35 Axon Hints It May Ruin A City's Credit Rating For Cancelling Its Contract For Body Cam Footage Storage (38)


19:42 Chicago Cubs Successfully Oppose Iowa Man's 'Cubnoxious' Trademark; Court Cites Obnoxious Cubs Fans (13)
15:38 Vox Admits It Got Section 230 Wrong, Fixes Its Mistake (160)
13:30 Adobe Warns Users Someone Else Might Sue Them For Using Old Versions Of Photoshop (64)
12:06 The Ultimate Bad Take: Bloomberg's Leonid Bershidsky Thinks A WhatsApp Vulnerability Proves End To End Encryption Is Useless (29)
10:44 Another Day, Another Company Scraping Photos To Train Facial Recognition AI (7)
10:39 Daily Deal: Machine Learning & Data Science Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:30 Chris Hughes Helped Get Obama Elected, But Now That Facebook Helped Elect Trump, He Wants To Break It Up? (32)
06:33 AT&T, Verizon Employees Caught Up In DOJ SIM Hijacking Bust (13)
03:32 GDPR Concerns Temporarily Result In The Removal Of Trash Cans From Ireland Post Office (46)


19:46 And Scene: Suburban Express To Shut Down In Mere Months (19)
15:35 Facebook's 'Please Regulate Us' Tour Heads To France (32)
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