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(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
radiation, scanners, tsa



by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
privacy, scanners

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13:15 EU Court Of Justice Advisor Suggests UK's Last Surveillance Bill May Be Legal, But Hints That The New One Might Not Be (5)
11:56 Paris Court Says Search Engines Don't Need To Block Torrent Searches (11)
10:51 German Software Company Sues US Gov't For Copyright Infringement (54)
10:46 Daily Deal: Agile Scrum Bundle (2)
09:31 Turkey Blocks Wikileaks After It Dumps Nearly 300,000 Turkish Gov't Emails (19)
08:33 American Academy Of Pediatrics Claims Broad Consensus On Violent Media Effect That Doesn't Remotely Exist (47)
06:35 Prenda (Mostly) Loses Again; Court Says 'We Warned You To Stop Digging, But You Still Did' (25)
03:31 For The Third Time, Whatsapp Blocked (And Then Unblocked) By Brazilian Judges For Failing To Decrypt (24)


22:23 Former STL Cardinals Scouting Director Gets Jail Time For Illegally Accessing Astros Scouting Database (17)
16:13 Court Says There's No Remedy For Person Whose Vehicle Was Subjected To Civil Forfeiture After An Illegal Search (89)
14:27 California Appeals Court Reaffirms Section 230 Protections In Lawsuit Against Yelp For Third-Party Postings (3)
13:06 Techdirt Podcast Episode 82: Chatbots: Fad Or The Future? (7)
11:49 DOJ Pushes Out Legislation Proposal To Undercut Microsoft Case Decision About Overseas Searches (34)
10:47 Netflix Tries To Blame Press Coverage Of Its Price Hikes For Lower Than Expected Subscriber Additions (26)
10:42 Daily Deal: Essential CompTIA And Microsoft Windows Server Administrator Bundle (0)
09:44 A Fan's Case For Putting Batman & Superman In The Public Domain (24)
08:44 Judge Tells DOJ Lawyers That A Search For FOIA Docs Requires More Than Chatting With A Couple Of Employees (14)
06:37 Cable Industry's False Copyright Claims Are Killing Cable Box Reform Efforts (19)
03:33 Prolific FOIA Requester Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of FOIA Law By Suing FBI Over Its Document Search Methods (12)


22:16 Defeat Of Philip Morris In Its Corporate Sovereignty Case Against Uruguay Likely To Open Floodgates For Tobacco Packaging Legislation (43)
16:10 Just As Open Competitor To Elsevier's SSRN Launches, SSRN Accused Of Copyright Crackdown (11)
14:26 Ted Cruz Campaign Infringed On Copyright, But Will Probably Be Treated With Kid Gloves Just Because (20)
13:02 Mayor Who Sued His Own City Over A Public Records Request Ordered To Turn Over Official Emails Stashed In A Private Account (12)
11:46 Australian Company Files Bogus Defamation/Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over A Nine-Year-Old Blog Post (11)
10:40 Defense Department Issues Opsec Guidelines For Safe And Secure Pokemon Hunting (14)
10:35 Daily Deal: Magnetic Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sport Headphones (3)
09:36 Sen. McCain Unhappy Apple Turned Down His Invitation To Be Encryption Hearing Punching Bag (19)
08:30 Cy Vance Still Arguing For Mandated Encryption Backdoors; Believes Third Party Doctrine Supports His Theory (25)
06:30 Half Of TSA's 30,000 Employees Accused Of Misconduct; Nearly A Third Multiple Times (37)
03:26 Field Drug Tests: The $2 Tool That Can Destroy Lives (49)
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