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Business Models

by Dennis Yang

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marketing, old spice, sales

Music Industry

by Mike Masnick

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record labels, recording industry, sales



by Mike Masnick

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business models, ebooks, pricing, sales


by Mike Masnick

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books, ebooks, sales, unauthorized


by Mike Masnick

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anita elberse, itunes effect, music, sales


by Mike Masnick

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books, christmas, ebooks, kindle, rentals, sales



by Mike Masnick

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david pogue, drm, ebooks, sales

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17:09 City Of Tacoma To Pay $50,000 To Privacy Activist For Over-Redacting FBI's Stingray Non-Disclosure Agreement (4)
14:45 Tech Companies File Amicus Brief, Still Opposed To New Trump Immigration Order (226)
13:24 UK Court Grants First Live Blocking Order To Stop New Infringing Streams As Soon As They Start (20)
11:53 Prenda May Be Dead, But Copyright Trolling Still Going Strong (9)
10:51 DOJ Argues For iPhone Hack Secrecy By Contradicting Statements Made By The DOJ (4)
10:46 Daily Deal: ITIL with Project Management, Agile, and Scrum (0)
09:30 NY Legislators Looking At Installing A Free Speech-Stomping 'Right To Be Forgotten' (48)
06:30 USAToday Latest News Outlet To Completely Miss The Point Of Cord Cutting (38)
03:25 Research Shows ATF's Bogus Stash House Stings Target Poor Minorities, Do Almost Nothing To Slow Flow Of Drugs And Guns (98)


17:18 Is This The Future Of Online Publishing? Leading Chinese Social Networks Add Paid-For Content (11)
15:07 Film Distributor Creates Torrent Site Clone That Gives Away Movie Tickets To Combat Piracy (18)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 113: Will Regulations Ground Drone Innovation? (9)
11:53 New York City Sues Verizon For Fiber Optic Bait And Switch (18)
10:49 Phone Searches Now Default Mode At The Border; More Searches Last Month Than In All Of 2015 (94)
10:44 Daily Deal: The Complete Computer Science Bundle (0)
09:06 New Filings In Our Ongoing Lawsuit (80)
08:33 Utah Legislators Want To Outlaw Posting Of People's Pictures And Names With The 'Intent To Harass' (23)
06:29 DirecTV's 'Regional Sports Fees' Make No Coherent Sense, Company Won't Explain Why (26)
03:22 Driver Sues State After Receiving Ticket For 'Obscene' Stick Figure Vehicle Decal (64)


17:24 Chatbot That Helped Beat $4 Million In Bogus Parking Tickets Now Handling Asylum Applications (10)
14:56 'Thru Dropbox' Trademark Registrant's 'Bad Faith' Litigation Results In $2 Million Fee Award To Dropbox (11)
13:25 General Franco Is Still Dead And Michelle Lee Is Still Director Of The US Patent Office (30)
11:53 Extra Digit Accidentally Typed By Officer Turns UK Man Into A Pedophile (46)
10:47 Bad Libel Law Strikes Again: Silly UK Twitter Spat Results In Six Figure Payout (75)
10:40 Daily Deal: Salesforce Administrator and App Builder Certification (1)
09:24 Officers Cite Nonexistent Law In Attempt To Prevent Citizen From Filming Them During A Traffic Stop (35)
06:20 Move Over, Series Of Tubes, The Internet Is Now A Bridge Over A Creek For A Dozen People? (71)
03:20 Photocopying Textbooks Is Fair Use In India: Western Publishers Withdraw Copyright Suit Against Delhi University (19)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (22)


12:00 They're Back: Copying Is Not Theft And Home Cooking Is Killing Restaurants (8)
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