stories filed under: "royalties"

Legal Issues

by Zachary Knight

Filed Under:
authors, ebooks, royalties



by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
compulsory license, cover song, royalties, synchronization


Music Industry

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
copyright royalty board, drm, royalties, streaming

dma, nmpa, riaa

Music Industry

by Glyn Moody

Filed Under:
china, copyright, licensing, music, royalties


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
frand, fud, glyn moody, open standards, royalties


Music Industry

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
royalties, termination rights, weird al

sony music, youtube

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16:24 Those Terrible Takedowns Aren't Mistakes, They're Intentional Fakes (60)
14:34 'It Looks Like You're Trying To Harvest Cell Phone Data...:' Quick-Start Guides For IMSI Catchers Leaked (18)
13:00 Techdirt Podcast Episode 91: Is Facebook Moderation A Necessary Evil? (13)
11:47 Nashville Council Member Admits AT&T & Comcast Wrote The Anti-Google Fiber Bill She Submitted (29)
10:43 Italy Proposes Law To Make Mocking People Online Illegal (33)
10:38 Daily Deal: PDF Expert 2.0 for Mac (1)
09:39 HP Launched Delayed DRM Time Bomb To Disable Competing Printer Cartridges (67)
08:29 Facebook Algorithms Take Down WordPress Lawyer's Post About Idiocy Of Algorithmic Takedowns (18)
06:25 Will The Washington Post Give Back Its Pulitzer And Stand Trial With Snowden? (54)
03:23 Leaked Oversight Report Shows Illegal Surveillance, Massive Constitutional Violations By Germany's Intelligence Service (15)


21:41 How Pirates Shaped The Internet As We Know It (44)
16:18 MuckRock & Vice Announce Fellowship To Investigate Peter Thiel (29)
14:32 Guy Arrested Over KickassTorrents Blocked From Talking To His US Attorney (48)
13:03 Brazilian Court Agrees Wikipedia Can Use Publicly-Available Personal Information For An Article (5)
11:41 Newegg Sues Over Copied Legal Filing; Judge Rules That It's Not Fair Use (35)
10:40 Town Loses Gigabit Connections After FCC Municipal Broadband Court Loss (27)
10:35 Daily Deal: Linux Power User Bundle (0)
09:34 Former UMG Exec: Major Label Music Should Cost More And DMCA Safe Harbors Should Be Destroyed (46)
08:29 House Intelligence Committee's List Of 'Snowden's Lies' Almost Entirely False (48)
06:23 Indian Court Says 'Copyright Is Not An Inevitable, Divine, Or Natural Right' And Photocopying Textbooks Is Fair Use (33)
03:25 Inspector General Says FBI Probably Shouldn't Impersonate Journalists; FBI Says It Would Rather Impersonate Companies Anyway (43)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (18)


12:00 This Week In Techdirt History: September 11th (29)
09:00 Two Weeks Left In The Super-Early Holiday Gear Sale (5)


19:39 Obama's Last Gasp At Trade Deals: Lame Duck Push On TPP; And 'Lite' Version Of TTIP (17)
16:18 Unpatent Launches Combination Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Platform To Invalidate Stupid Patents (19)
14:31 Copyright Trolls Now Threatening College Students With Loss of Scholarship, Deportation (17)
13:02 Senator John McCain Uses Cybersecurity Hearing To Try To Shame Twitter For Not Selling Data To The CIA (32)
11:50 AP, USA Today, Vice Sue FBI Over Refusal To Release Information About Contractor Who Cracked iPhone For It (14)
10:48 Another Bad EU Ruling: WiFi Providers Can Be Forced To Require Passwords If Copyright Holders Demand It (39)
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