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01:05 Unimpressed, UK's Parliamentary Committee For Business Calls For 'Evidence-Based Approach' To TAFTA/TTIP (12)


21:01 IOC Forces School To Remove Rings From Crest For Some Reason (36)
17:00 DailyDirt: Suicide Isn't Painless -- Neither Is The Death Penalty (Yet?) (36)
14:50 Senator Wants To Know Why The US Marshals Asset Forfeiture Division Is Blowing Money On $10,000 Tables (22)
13:48 Accidentally Revealed FTC Document Details Some Questionable Google Practices, But Not The Ones Most People Focused On (14)
12:41 New York Times Turns Ads Off On 'Sensitive' Stories (5)
12:40 Daily Deals: 72% Off Power Vault 18000mAh Portable Battery Pack (12)
11:41 Copyright Troll Perfect 10 Ordered To Pay $5.6 Million Over Bogus Lawsuit (15)
10:40 Google's Ridiculous AdSense Morality Police Strike Again (25)
09:39 US Pressured Japan, Canada, New Zealand And Others Into Extending Copyright (30)
08:23 Copyright Industry Keeps Asking For More In Australia: VPN Ban Next? (32)
06:22 Apple's Attempt At A TV Revolution Runs Face First Into Comcast Corporation (28)
04:19 No Copyright Lives Forever: How The Apathy Of IP Rights Holders About Their Copyrights Killed A Game Re-Release (66)
01:15 Attorney General Threatens To Prosecute Reporters For Doing Their Job (21)


21:11 Open Letter To Key EU Copyright Working Group Calls For 'Balanced Representation Of Views' (7)
17:00 DailyDirt: Breaking Bad... Passwords (16)
15:46 Cops To Congress: Please Leave Us And Our License Plates Readers Alone (48)
14:42 Why Princess Twilight Sparkle May Be The Key To Keeping 3D Printing Revolutionary (11)
13:36 Despite Throwing Money At Congress, Comcast Finds Merger Support Hard To Come By (13)
12:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 17: Musicians Making Money, With Composer Adam Fong (2)
12:25 Daily Deals: The New Techdirt Deals Store (15)
11:36 Indian Supreme Court Strikes Down Censorship Law -- But Leaves Web Blocking (0)
10:31 How The Copyright Industry Wants To Undermine Anonymity & Free Speech: 'True Origin' Bills (28)
09:31 Even If Congress Lets Section 215 Expire, The NSA May Be Able To Keep On Collecting Phone Metadata (13)
08:13 UK Positioning Itself As Bitcoin's Best Friend (9)
06:11 State Of Tennessee Sues The FCC For Daring To Step In And Block Its Law Blocking Muni-Broadband (68)
04:09 Amazon Quietly Bricked Jailbroken Kindle Devices Last Year (109)
01:05 All Parties In Austrian Parliament Support Resolution Calling For Action Against NSA And GCHQ Spying (16)


21:01 BART, The Train Service, Goes After Brewery Over BART, The Beer (32)
17:00 DailyDirt: Speedy Connections In The Future (14)
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