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19:54 After Taming Open Access, Academic Publishing Giants Now Seek To Assimilate The World Of Preprints (23)
15:45 Guinness World Records People Accidentally Claiming Copyright On Tons Of 'Super Mario Bros.' Speedruns (21)
13:43 Think Of The Kitten: A Crash Course On Section 230 (13)
12:03 Major Publishers Sue The Internet Archive's Digital Library Program In The Midst Of A Pandemic (30)
10:49 Facebook Shareholders The Latest Group To Ask Facebook To Drop Its Encryption Plans (21)
10:44 Daily Deal: FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds (1)
09:48 CDT First Out The Gate In Suing To Block Donald Trump's Silly Executive Order On Section 230 (43)
06:29 5G Conspiracy Idiots Now Threatening Telecom Workers That Don't Even Work In Wireless (31)
03:31 The Military Is Being Tapped To Handle Domestic Protests, Something It's Not Really Equipped To Handle (66)


20:05 Lenny Dykstra Deemed 'Libel-Proof' In Defamation Suit Loss To Ron Darling And Publisher (10)
15:31 Wisconsin Court Dumps Conviction Of Middle School Kid Who Drew A Picture Of A Bomb (25)
13:50 Dallas PD Asks Residents To Snitch On Protesters, Gets A Load Of K-Pop Videos Instead (19)
12:00 Many Think Internet Privacy Is Lost, But That's Because You Can't Sue Anyone Who Violates It (9)
11:01 Copyright Blocks Interview Of Protesters Because Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' Was Playing In The Background (17)
10:55 Daily Deal: Learnable -- Learn to Code, Build Apps, Websites & More (0)
09:40 Let's Stop Pretending Peaceful Demonstrations Will Fix The System. 'Peace Officers' Don't Give A Shit About Peace. (248)
06:31 Net Neutrali-what? AT&T's New Streaming Service Won't Count Against Its Broadband Caps. But Netflix Will. (21)
03:27 Italian Public Prosecutor Says Project Gutenberg's Collection Of Public Domain Books Must Be Blocked For Copyright Infringement (21)


19:41 Private Prison Company Sues Netflix Over Use Of Logo In 'Messiah' (20)
15:39 Federal Court Says Sneaking A Warrantless Peek At A Cellphone Lock Screen Violates The Fourth Amendment (2)
13:41 Techdirt Podcast Episode 244: Section 230 & Trump's Executive Order (1)
11:59 Just As The Copyright Office Tries To Ignore The Problem Of Bad Takedowns, NBC & Disney Take Down NASA's Public Domain Space Launch (33)
10:44 Facebook's Oversight Board Can't Intervene, So Stop Asking (18)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Ultimate Learn To Play Piano Bundle (1)
09:24 New Study Finds No Evidence Of Anti-Conservative Bias In Facebook Moderation (If Anything, It's The Opposite) (161)
06:25 AT&T's Streaming Headaches Continue As Contract Feuds Keep New TV Service Off Amazon, Roku (15)
03:22 Bangladeshi Government Decides There's No Time Like The Present To Censor/Arrest More Journalists (7)


22:36 Corporate Sovereignty Lawyers Prepare To Sue Governments For Bringing In Measures To Tackle COVID-19 And Save Lives (36)
17:33 Cops -- Newly Wary Of Looking Like Authoritarian Assholes -- Open Fire On, Arrest Journalists (79)
15:44 Securus Quietly Settles Lawsuit Over Illegally Spying On Inmate Attorney Conversations (4)
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