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Wall Street

by Mike Masnick

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50 cent, ftc, pump, sec, stocks

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10:27 Daily Deal: White Hat Hacker Bundle (1)
09:27 David Bowie's Legacy On Copyright And The Future Of Music (13)
08:29 It's 2016 And The EU Is Just Now Getting Ready To Decide If Hyperlinking Is Legal (26)
06:23 TV Station Educates Public On Dangers Of Teen Sexting By Exposing 14-Year-Old's Name... And Penis (50)
03:21 Software Company Asks Users For Input On DRM; Goes Ahead And Institutes It Anyway Over Their Objections (39)


23:23 Proposed Hungarian Law Would Allow Government To Suspend Key Human Rights Whenever There Is A 'Terror Threat Situation' (28)
17:00 DailyDirt: Harnessing A Lot Of Energy Ain't Easy (10)
15:31 Congress Might Actually Be Moving Forward On Fixing Outdated Email Privacy Law! (18)
14:00 NBC, Filthy Pirates, Sued Over Use Of Photographer's Work Without Permission (46)
12:41 Techdirt Reading List: Information Feudalism: Who Owns The Knowledge Economy? (1)
11:41 Russia Blocks Another Archive Site Because It Might Contain Old Pages About Drugs (7)
10:35 Ridiculous Copyright Fight Still Keeping The Only Video Of The First Super Bowl Locked Up (72)
10:30 Daily Deal: ZenMate VPN (0)
09:25 Napolitano Says She's Always Wanted To Talk About The Secret Surveillance She Hasn't Talked About Since Last August (25)
08:26 Key And Peele To Livestream 'Sports Commentary' During An 'Upcoming Sports Game' That They Can't Name (30)
06:25 ESPN Gets Nielsen To Revise Its Data To Suggest Cord Cutting's No Big Deal (26)
03:20 A Tiny Cell With An Omnipresent Guard, Visitors Just Twice A Day: TAFTA/TTIP's German Transparency Room (53)


23:23 The Wil Wheaton Effect Is Why Video Game Makers Should Embrace Let's Play Videos (26)
17:00 DailyDirt: Who Doesn't Like Cheap Oil? (17)
15:33 Countries Sign The TPP... Whatever Happened To The 'Debate' We Were Promised Before Signing? (62)
14:07 Take-Two Software Sued Over Copyright On NBA Players' Tattoos (34)
12:48 Comcast 'Only' Lost 36,000 Pay TV Subscribers Last Year, Prompting Renewed Cord Cutting Denial (18)
11:36 Former DHS Boss Puts University Of California Employees Under Secret Surveillance (38)
10:31 Publicity Rights For A Photobombing Horse? Owner Demands Cut Of Photo Prize (49)
10:29 Daily Deal: Python Programming Bootcamp (0)
09:33 Ares Rights Gets EFF Lawyer Suspended From Twitter For Posting Mild Criticism (22)
08:29 Utah Politician Looking To Tackle Doxing, DoS Attacks And Swatting With New Slate Of Cybercrime Amendments (16)
06:19 ISPs Are Trampling Net Neutrality While The FCC Sits Boxed In By Lawsuits, Upcoming Election (40)
03:20 Federal Judge Says The FBI Needs To Stop Playing Keepaway With Requested FOIA Processing Documents (23)


23:23 The Incredible Corporate Sovereignty Saga Involving Ecuador And Chevron Continues (32)
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